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Progress from the Start 2012 EYFS Support Meeting Autumn 2012.

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1 Progress from the Start 2012 EYFS Support Meeting Autumn 2012


3 Learning Contract Participate fully in the session and respect confidentiality Respect the trainer and others on the course Allow everyone to express their views and listen when someone in the group is talking Cascade course content and knowledge as appropriate

4 Aims To support practitioners in tracking childrens progress and planning for their development in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2012 To ensure practitioners are familiar with the updated PftS materials To network and learn from each other To share national and local updates

5 Progress from the Start can be found at:

6 PftS – The Process

7 Essential Resources to Download Early Assessment Review The Child Monitoring Tool Progress Summaries and guidance Individual Progress Tracker Cohort Tracker

8 Card 2 Observational Assessment as Daily Practice Range of observation techniques and recording methods Characteristics of effective learning Well-being and involvement

9 Characteristics of Effective Learning - Observing how a child is learning Small Group Task: Watch the video clip Discuss how the child is learning with reference to the characteristics of effective learning Consider how you might use this information

10 Card 3 Early Assessment Review

11 Card 4 Child Monitoring Tool How to complete Supporting materials

12 Card 5 Documenting Childrens Learning Learning Journeys Documenting childrens learning Spontaneous / planned observations A mix of short observation notes, lively narratives and photographs of significant learning

13 Card 6 Progress Summaries and Sharing Progress

14 The EYFS Progress Check at Age Two Small Group Task Discuss the positives What are your issues, concerns?

15 The EYFS Progress Check at Age Two Small Group Task: At Home Read through the completed EYFS progress check at age two Discuss some ideas for the At home section

16 The EYFS Progress Check at Age Two What are the positives What are our issues and concerns? Supporting each other by sharing ideas

17 Card 7 Cohort Analysis and Tracking Leaders and Managers have a responsibility to ensure that… …providers are working in partnership with parents and/or carers, to promote the learning and development of all children in their care. Statutory Framework for the EYFS, p.4, 1.1 As the key person, you will have made observations of your key children and will have completed and regularly updated the Individual Progress Trackers for each child Leaders and Managers will use this information to gain an all round picture of the setting

18 PFTS Training Package

19 Refreshment Break / Networking

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