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Housing Growth in Leicestershire 1 February 2008.

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1 Housing Growth in Leicestershire 1 February 2008

2 Content Approach to Housing Growth in Leicestershire Growth east/ south east of Leicester What we are doing

3 Approach to Growth Leicestershire already taking substantial housing growth 96,000 homes 2001-26 (City + County) Urban regeneration and concentration – Leicester and the countys towns 25,000 homes on sustainable urban extensions – greenfield but eco-town principles Based on evidence and considered through the planning system (eg Regional Plan)

4 Approach to Growth County Council advised on housing figures and growth locations in Draft Regional Plan Supported by evidence –Constraints and opportunities exercise –Transport assessments –Sustainability appraisal –Impressive (RSS Panel Report) Supported by Government funding (New Growth Point)

5 Approach to Growth Draft Regional Plan – housing growth locations –Adjoining Leicester To north/ north east in Charnwood To west in Blaby –Adjoining sub-regional centres Coalville Hinckley Loughborough RSS Panel supported this approach but… –also identified need for further growth and… –highlighted potential of Leicester to Burton Corridor

6 E/ SE of Leicester Growth to east/ south-east of Leicester –not proposed in advice of County Council –Not included in Draft Regional Plan –Not recommended by Independent Panel Why? –High cost of transport infrastructure –New M1 junction –Sustainability appraisal Lack of transport infrastructure Major landscape and heritage constraints

7 E/ SE of Leicester Other evidence and issues Employment land studies (O&W and Harb) –No case for strategic site due to poor communications Feasibility of new rail stations Impact on regeneration and housing provision in Leicester

8 Alternatives If further growth needed other locations should be examined Panel preferred urban extensions to north and west of Leicester than to south or east Panel highlighted potential of Leicester to Burton corridor for major growth Wherever growth goes it should be high quality, low carbon, with local employment – not unique to Eco-town

9 What we are doing County Council is Seeking more information on what is proposed Highlighting issues of concern to Government Preparing to respond to formal consultation Working with district councils on possible distribution of higher housing numbers Commissioning studies to ensure major growth locations are supported by firm evidence

10 Conclusions Our initial view is that Governments aspirations for major sustainable growth can be met in Leicestershire without Pennbury There are alternatives Alternatives should be considered against each other through normal planning process

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