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The Sustainable Travel Group (previously The Passenger Transport Unit) Welcome to: Taxi Operators Forum 19 th May 2011.

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1 The Sustainable Travel Group (previously The Passenger Transport Unit) Welcome to: Taxi Operators Forum 19 th May 2011

2 Taxi Forum Introductions Note new group name The Sustainable Travel Group Mark Watters (Chair) Team Leader – Business Development & Support Dave Smith Team Leader – Quality Team Peter Haines Quality Officer – Quality Team Ashley Holland Team Leader – Contracts Team

3 Taxi Forum Agenda Housekeeping –Please turn mobiles off, no fire drills expected –Please hold all questions until the very end Review of the year Presentations from myself, Dave, Peter and Ashley Questions and Answers / Your Views session

4 Taxi Forum Review of 2010/11 (with the help of the Working Group) CRB/ISA issues – continuing problems on turnaround. ISA Scheme scrapped. New systems to be piloted. LCC Training courses now well established: Helping Hands, Autism Awareness, Epilepsy awareness etc. Continuation of email tendering scheme Tendering for and introduction of second Framework Agreement – SV2 & new SV2b for BAS Transformation of Social Care – Personalisation etc. Increase in SEN business (4% passenger growth) and high needs clients Penalties for major offences being developed and published Driver seat belt rules and child seat policy clarified Cleaning costs – agreement reached on LCC contribution (£25 max if notice of client situation not given) Waiting time – similar agreement to pay in appropriate circumstances (up to £16 ph with prior agreement) Efficiency targets met but getting tougher

5 Taxi Forum CRB Checks/ISA Scheme In accordance with Small Vehicle Contract Conditions, taxi suppliers must provide details of ALL drivers and escorts to LCC – including any changes Spot checks will continue and severe penalties imposed for drivers and escorts who have not been notified to LCC ISA scheme scrapped but CRB at enhanced level is still required to drive or escort on LCC contracts Working with Districts to avoid need for duplicating checks. New online pilot scheme planned for June - eBulk LCC considering adding 5% admin charge on to CRBs that we undertake – your views welcomed at the end of the meeting For latest info on CRB see new websites: - general info for CRB applicants and the public - info for registered bodies and businesses - corporate info and publications

6 Taxi Forum Training and Compliance Update Wheelchair restraints Appropriate training in use of clamps etc. Consequences to passenger and operator for failures in this Duty of Care Penalties from LCC Contact us to get training Child seating Reminder on LCC requirement to provide appropriate seating for children

7 Taxi Forum Training and Compliance Update Trading on LCC transport Recent incident of school bus driver selling fizzy drinks on school bus Concerns on health and safety Selling of any goods by the driver (or escort) to passengers or from the vehicle is prohibited and is considered to be unprofessional practice Do not give drinks, sweets or other items to passengers as experience has shown that this can trigger various allergies

8 Taxi Forum The Sharp End! Firstly – a Thank You Remember that the journey: Is part of the school day Affects family life And that all passengers are vulnerable.

9 Taxi Forum The Sharp End! Safeguarding Dont get involved Dont make inappropriate comments Avoid physical contact Mobile phone calls/texts/emails Facebook – dont invite/accept requests Report concerns and incidents to your manager and us

10 Taxi Forum The Sharp End! Safeguarding process If accused: You are removed from the contract You are interviewed by police Strategy meeting held

11 Taxi Forum The Sharp End! Protect your contracts Stick to the contract Dont allow unauthorised passengers Avoid disputes with school/parents Student behaviour – report Confidentiality Rewards/Gifts – be wary Caring – but at a professional distance

12 Taxi Forum The Sharp End! Respect the intelligence of your passengers

13 Taxi Forum The Sharp End! How can we help? Helping Hands Autism awareness Epilepsy training Behaviour Specialist training Give us a call Value your work

14 Taxi Forum The Sharp End! Disability Whatever the disability: its the individual that is important. Managing your contracts Dont just put up with it, seek help: STG Parents School

15 Taxi Forum European Union (EU) Tender regulations New Framework Agreement now in place (3 rd May 2011 – 2 nd May 2012). No new entry until at least then 241 successful operators (26% up on last year) 174 for SV2b (BAS) Most common faults in tendering: 1.not posting to the correct address 2.operators failing to sign the document 3.operators leaving it to the last moment / reliant on STG sending final reminders out 4.failure to send recorded delivery or hand deliver and then ringing to see if we have received the form 5.Marking the return envelope with a company stamp / name (should be anonymous until opened) 6.pricing per mile rather than for the whole job Early signs are that is working correctly and, for those who tendered correctly, no obvious difference to working practices

16 Taxi Forum Vetting of new SV2 operators With effect from 3rd May, new operators who win an individual email tender and who have never operated a contract for us will need to have a further vetting before the contract can start. The STG will corroborate with the district licensing authority that your licence is valid and you will be asked to provide the following: A copy of your public liability insurance Names, licence numbers and issuing districts of any driver who you expect to work on the contract (NB enhanced CRB needed) If the contract is escorted, you will also be required to submit a correctly completed CRB disclosure application form and a passport sized photograph We will be checking whether or not drivers and escorts have undertaken appropriate training during the life of the contract

17 Taxi Forum SV2b (Behaviour and Attendance Service) Contract Those operators who were awarded a place on the SV2b Framework will be offered work directly from the Behaviour and Attendance service. Works like the SV2 tender with the STG at County Hall but: Tenders will come out by email directly from BAS Reply directly to BAS Any operational problems – refer to BAS Most importantly: invoices for BAS services must go to BAS when the transfer or responsibility is complete – NOT the STG! Final details and transfer arrangements will be communicated directly to those operators on the Framework.

18 Taxi Forum E-tendering (quoting by email) Reminder of the protocol for award on joint winning prices. We will consider the following: Performance Service user known to company already Registered escorts Additional capacity Operators may also wish to review their pricing strategy and avoid rounding prices – remembering that email tendering is a bit like ebay in reverse! Try £9.99 instead of £10 etc. Results published on our website Taxi company staff must also be contactable in order to award the contract! Price per day or per journey? Keep your email address and other details up to date

19 Taxi Forum E-tendering (quoting by email) This is still working within the Framework Agreement BUT REMEMBER: You must be in it to win it!

20 Taxi Forum Contracts Team update

21 Taxi Forum Invoicing Please help us to help you! The following are the main problems with invoices: No Invoice number! Incorrectly addressed Wrong prices quoted Addition errors Wrong VAT amounts Not quoting Contract numbers No reference to dates of operation (or even which month) Not declaring journeys not operated/varied Handwritten is still acceptable but must be clear and hold all the details needed. No Payee details – note that our Audit requirements state that the payee should be the name of the contract holder e.g. Johns Cabs NOT Mr. J. Smith. We may have to enforce this in future.

22 Taxi Forum

23 Invoicing Examples of bad invoices:

24 Taxi Forum

25 Invoicing Template available to post/email.

26 Taxi Forum Invoicing Template and instructions are on our website Reminder that contract payment terms are 30 days now. Please note that we also expect operators to bill in good time – very late invoices wont be paid (12+ months) Audits across all services (inc. bus) – Contacting schools/parents/carers to confirm travel – Spot checks on site (also for quality compliance) – Returning incorrect invoices (thus delaying payment) If your contract changes – please tell us!

27 Taxi Forum Invoicing Considering removal of email facility beginning from end of July i.e. August onwards invoices should be posted or hand delivered (receipts can be obtained). Why? Concerns on data protection i.e. personal details of clients being emailed by companies Problems with emails not being received from companies meaning payment missed/delayed Document formats dont always open or print Increased workload and costs in STG You views welcomed at the end.

28 Taxi Forum Invoicing Our correct address: Invoices Business Development & Support Team Sustainable Travel Group Environment & Transport Department Leicestershire County Council County Hall Glenfield Leicester LE3 8RJ Or: (Dont use our PO Box 1151 address or

29 Taxi Forum Concessionary Travel Vouchers Please note that the 2010/11 green vouchers can no longer be accepted or redeemed. New issue vouchers are orange and are in circulation now – valid until 30 th April 2012 and only valid for local journeys Charnwood Borough Councils separate scheme has also ended - all reimbursement and queries are dealt with directly by them. Note that the responsibility for all Concessionary Travel transferred from Districts to the County Council in April 2011

30 Taxi Forum Working Group nominations Remit of the working group: – For both the Authority and taxi companies to gain an insight and understanding of the aspects of contract work that are important to them and work together to address any general issues that may arise – For LCC to pass on information on relevant policy or legislative changes, duty of care issues and general information affecting the taxi market – To discuss new ways of working and to work in partnership – To look at all aspects of LCC contract work for mutual benefit – To share the discussion with all in the market via the published minutes Please contact Mark Watters or a member of staff in the STG with your nomination. We are looking for 1-2 people from up to 10 companies to form the 2011/12 working group to meet 3 times between now and April 2012.

31 Taxi Forum Q & A Session Please keep questions to a general interest for all here today. Views on? CRB fees Emailing invoices Anything else!

32 Taxi Forum Working group nominations and further information See us at the end of this meeting or make an appointment By phone: 0116 3050001 and ask for the Business Development & Support Team By email: In writing: Business Development & Support Team Sustainable Travel Group Environment & Transport Department Leicestershire County Council County Hall Glenfield Leicester LE3 8RJ Our website: in Roads and Transport

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