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By Rebecca Logan. Research and Planning Within my research used a variety of websites to give me clearer understanding of genre research. I mostly used.

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1 By Rebecca Logan

2 Research and Planning Within my research used a variety of websites to give me clearer understanding of genre research. I mostly used Google when finding information about how genres are made up from conventions, themes and ideas which films and media products include. Using these common conventions and stereotypes we can categorise films in different groups. I again used Google to research about the Postmodern theory to give me a clearer, more knowledgeable understanding about what it is and film directors who take a postmodern approach to making films such as: Quentin Tarantino. When looking at examples of postmodern films I again used Google in order to search for film ideas. I used the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) when I wanted to research a specific film such as ‘Snatch’, this website was especially helpful as it gives all the information about the film including Box Office Figures and Release Dates. The uses of these websites helped me understanding the overall cost of a certain film and figures in relation to others. By seeing this information I was then able to talk about it for my own film and how and when we will release it and able to estimate box office figures.

3 When analysing crime genre films, I found that YouTube was the most helpful website to use for this type of research. Particularly because for all three film trailers that I decided to analyse it was easy to access all three and do the analysis for them. As YouTube being part of Web 2.0, all the vides that were accessed were uploaded to the website it is a very popular website in order to promote film to a wide audience who can access it so easily. It also had pages and fans who dedicated pages and links for one specific film which creates a greater audience to watch the film and find so much information about it. This site also came in handy for when I started my marketing research as I was able to see how film trailers are used as part of a promotional package in order to market a film. For instance, at the beginning of our research we were asked to analyse at least two film trailers part of the postmodern genre. YouTube was the website that I used for this research. Finally, we posted our final cut to this website in order to make it available to a wide audience to watch.

4 Blog Throughout the whole task I have been updating my blog with all of my work that i have completed inside out of class. This was helpful when answering my evaluation questions as i was able to look back at my work and it was easy to access. By using the blog it was also very easy to see how i had progressed throughout the course and was a useful way to refer back to my work. I was also able to manage my work easily and check that i had completed all the work that needed to be. The blog will be able to connect all 4 of our group members blogs together. By using the blog, it easy to see all my work clearly and if picked to be marked everything will be there in order for me to get a high grade. By having different sections for my work this made it really organised. Lastly, it was an advantage to have these blogs because other students or my teacher were able to leave comments under the work I had posted, giving me internal feedback which was very beneficial. My blog contains everything from the beginning such as my Initial Research continuing on to the later stages of work such as editing and evaluation questions 1,2,3 and 4. My Blog Link:

5 Production  When it came to filming our trailer we used a range of technologies that would allow us to create a professional quality trailer. We were lucky enough to used a Canon 550D DSLR camera. This camera enabled us to shoot in high definition, which made our trailer look even more professional and of a top standard. We used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit our film footage. Firstly, we transferred all of the footage from the SD card onto Apple Mac computers. We then started editing, we arranged the clips in the order of our trailer plan, which as a group we have discussed beforehand, (storyboards). We used the colour correction to make the locations seem dark and eerie, giving it more of a Crime feel. By using this program it allowed us to use complex editing features such as the transitions and freeze frames that we incorporated in to our trailer. It also allowed us to add titles which we got from, we used these titles for the cast names, title, release dates and other titles at the end. The software also allowed us to use free soundtracks we received from to sites: and, these were copyright free sounds as we were aware that we would have to ask permission if we were to use copyright music. For the voice over we used a Microphone with a spit guard which had very high quality sound recording, we were in a were in a quiet room which also helped as we did not have any interference. This made the narrators voice over for the trailer easy to understand.

6 Evaluation  Throughout the evaluation stage I stuck to using PowerPoint as I find it easy and simple to use, it presents your work clearly and efficiently. By using this it allows you to present in many different layouts, you are able to include graphs, tables and it makes it attarctive to an audience. I am also most familiar with this presentation software as it is very simple but I could create high standard presentations. I tried to use Prezi for Question 4, to present a question in a different style but this proved difficult as the site kept crashing and did not allow me to complete my work.

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