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Roxaboxen ford traced mayor decorated blossomedbordering.

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2 Roxaboxen ford traced mayor decorated blossomedbordering

3 ford: to cross by wading After that you had to ford a river to reach Roxaboxen. During the hike, we had to ford a creek that was knee high.

4 traced: formed carefully, to sketch A town of Roxaboxen began to grow, traced in lines of stone: Main Street first, edged with the whitest ones, and then the houses. The border of the garden was traced with pansies.

5 mayor: the chief elected official of a city Marian was mayor, of course, that's just the way she was. The town elected a new mayor last week.

6 decorated: added ornamentation; adorned Each year when the cactus blossomed, they decorated the grave with flowers. The students decorated the room for the party.

7 blossomed: Bloomed, rpoduced flowers And spring came, and the ocotillo blossomed, and everybody sucked the honey from its flowers, and everybody built new rooms, and everybody decided to have jeweled windows. Our plum tree blossomed this spring.

8 bordering: to be lying on the edge of She could see the white stones bordering Main Street, and there where she could see her house the desert glass still glowed – amethyst, amber, and sea-green. There was a river bordering the town where we lived.

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