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Picasso encouragestylecontroversial monuments originalityscenery.

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1 Picasso encouragestylecontroversial monuments originalityscenery

2 encouraged: gave confidence to; urged He encouraged his son to paint and draw. The piano teacher encouraged her student to keep practicing.

3 style: a way of doing something Picassos painting style changed over the period of his life more than any other great artist. Which style of painting do you like best, realistic or cubism?

4 controversial: something causing a disagreement Others thought Picassos painting were just too strange. This meant that they were controversial. Having school all year long is a controversial subject.

5 monuments: buildings or structures that honor someone or something Picasso had just visited Rome, a city filled with statues and monuments. In Washington, D.C., monuments have been built to honor some of our former presidents.

6 originality: ability to create something new or different The thing that made Picasso such a great artist was his originality. The artists work showed great originality. No one had seen anything like it before.

7 scenery: painted scenes on a theater stage He even made costumes and scenery for plays. The play won an award for its beautiful scenery.

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