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Training Materials Created by Mike Canon Technology Coach Hemet USD.

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1 Training Materials Created by Mike Canon Technology Coach Hemet USD

2 A web-based computer program with fun, interactive learning activities for kids Helps students succeed in reading and math Learning activities are specially designed for each student based on MAP test results Use it at school or at home To watch a fun demo, click the link below:

3 Internet Access Sound (speakers or earphones) Adobe Flash Player Free Download: Adobe Reader Free Download: Is your computer ready for Compass Learning Odyssey? To check, click below.

4 Hemet USD recommends students use Odyssey at least 30 minutes per day or about 2 hours per week. Using earphones during Odyssey sessions will help students focus on the activities and ignore other noises. Students should have scrap paper and pencils available during Odyssey sessions. Pop-up blocker must be disabled in the browser.

5 At home, go to: User Name is first and last initial followed by the students ID number (no spaces) example: CK12345 Password is 123. Enter school code (see next slide for a chart) Click Log In At school, click the icon

6 School NameCodeSchool NameCode Acacia MSHAMSHemet HSHHS Allesandro HSHAHSIdyllwild K- 5 HIS Bautista Creek ELHBCESIdyllwild 6-8HIM Cawston ELHCESJacob Weins ELHJWES Cottonwood K- 5 HCWESLittle Lake ELHLLES Cottonwood 6-8HCWMSMc Sweeny ELHMES Dartmouth MSHDMRamona ELHRES Diamond Valley MSHDVMSRancho Viejo MSHRVMS Family Learning Tree Ctr.HFTLCTahquitz HSHTHS Fruitvale ELHFESValle Vista ELHVVES Hamilton HSHHHSWestern Center AcademyHWCA Hamilton K- 5 HHSK8West Valley HSHWVHS Hamilton 6-8HHMWhittier ELHWHIT Harmony ELHHESWinchester ELHWE HAAAT


8 Click the icon to see your assignments Back to Launch Pad Back to Folder Menu Log Out

9 Assignments are given by teachers or created by Odyssey based on MAP test results. Some activities are guided practice and some are scored activities, like quizzes and tests. Try to get at least 80 % on all graded activities. A green checkmark means completed assignment but doesnt always mean a good score. Be sure to check the report for scores Follow the green or white flashing arrow to guide the learning path

10 To begin, Click on the backpack icon Click on a tab: Recent Work Assignments Reports

11 Allows the student to view assignments he or she began/completed today, in the past week, and in the past month. Details of Recent Work include: Activity Name and Activity Number* Type of Activity Subject Date Score Status *If you would like to repeat an activity, you may copy the activity number into the Activity Finder on the Launch Pad.

12 Allows the student to view complete and incomplete assignments. Details of the Assignments tab include: Assignment Name Details of each Assignment Subject of the Assignment Date/time assigned Compass Learning Grade Level Status Person assigned

13 Allows you to view your scores and times for all assignments. Details of the Reports tab include: Ability to Choose Subject Ability to Choose Activity Type Ability to Choose Dates The supervising teacher might ask you to show him or her this report during your Odyssey time. Remember, complete all activities and try to score at least 80% on quizzes and tests.

14 Before activities load, students may answer multiple choice questions or play a short game. Once the activity loads, the student will listen to the characters explain concepts and procedures. The student will see problems and concepts modeled. Sometimes, the student will interact with the characters by clicking and dragging or by typing numbers. Students will advance to the next scene by clicking the blinking forward arrow.

15 Students may view these to learn new concepts or review old concepts. Teachers may project these on a screen for whole class activities


17 Questions about Compass Learning Odyssey can be sent to Mike Canon at

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