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Weathering And Erosion Weathering And Erosion.

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1 Weathering And Erosion Weathering And Erosion

2 What is Erosion?

3 Day 1- Overview of Types of Erosion

4 Erosive Forces: Wind, Water, Ice, and Air [02:35]
Segment Description Erosion is caused by water, wind, and ice. Soil erosion is a problem because wind and water can cause the loss of valuable topsoil. Soil formation is a very slow process.

5 White River White River
This picture was taken on 465 overlooking the White River. This was taken 3 years ago. What changes do you notice when you are driving with your parents?

6 White River White River
In this activity, the students are working to make sense of graph data. When they look at this they should be able to see that in may the sand bar appears to be further from the shore. Why would this be? Because there is more water in the river and that covers more of the sand bar.

7 Do you see signs of Erosion
Exposed tree roots Collapsed river bank Cracks in the soil in a river bank The top part of the river bank overhangs. Clumps of grass in the river Do you see signs of Erosion Brown or colored water

8 What is the difference between Erosion and Weathering?
Erosion can happen over a long period of time Weathering happens when the rocks break up

9 There are many kinds of Erosion.
Here are a few: Wave Action Running Water Landslides Creep Rock Fall Mud Flow Avalanche Glaciers Slump

10 Another type of Man made erosion is Acid rain
Discuss what they see. If acid rain does this to stone, what does it do to living things? to Another type of Man made erosion is Acid rain

11 Wave action is when waves hit the rocks and pieces of rock break off.

12 In this picture the running water eroded the sides of this canyon and created the V-shaped valleys.

13 This is a picture of a landslide. A type of mass wasting.

14 In this picture the land has slumped
into the road below.

15 This is a diagram of creep
This is a diagram of creep. The hillside slowly slips over many years from temperature or water.

16 This is a picture of a glacier. How does it carve out the earth?

17 Day 2- Types of Erosion Kidspriation

18 The Desert: A Victim of Wind Erosion [00:48]
Segment Description Wind erosion in deserts creates unique landforms.

19 We are now going to create a Kidspiration project to show the different types of Erosion

20 Do we have Erosion in Decatur Township?

21 Each group has a picture, what caused your erosion?

22 Tomorrow you will create a model of your erosion problem.

23 What materials will you need? Write it down

24 Day 2- Create your Model

25 Day 3- Erosion Prevention
Action Plan Using Media Blender

26 Example of Water Erosion

27 Day 4- Erosion Prevention
Media Blender Action Plan Continue to work on your projects

28 Ozone and Pollution

29 Day 5- Final Day for Finishing our project
Remember: You need the following activities turned in: Research Sheet Kidspiration Document Media Blender Project

30 Could you work with Erosion as an Adult?
Great Job!                                                                                                                                                  

31 Could you work as a Scientist as an Adult?
Great Job! Oceanographer/ Marine Forest Ranger Biologist Yes!! Writer Atmospheric Scientist Internet Designer Engineer Geologist Computer Programmer Meteorologist Artist/ Graphic Designer Politician/ Lobbyist Chemist Lawyer

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