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Rhetorical Devices Essay Component Parts Yellow Toolbox pages 70+

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1 Rhetorical Devices Essay Component Parts Yellow Toolbox pages 70+

2 Rhetorical Question Questions that are not meant to be answered or require a lengthy answer. Asked to make the reader think deeply. Should students who are out past curfew be jailed or fined? Should school activities be dropped? Draws a connection between dissimilar events or situations Simile Metaphor Personification Its much like shutting the corral gate after the horses have escaped. Analogy

3 Repetition The repeated use of a word or phrase more than once for EMPHASIS! The curfew should be repealed. Repealed immediately in fairness. We cannot stand for unfair treatment. We must speak out about unfair treatment. The repetition of the same grammatical form to express equal ideas for BALANCE! Occurs in a list! …not because of a lack of interest, not because of a shortage of funds, and not because of a failure to sign up enough volunteers. The devil is waiting for them; hell is gaping for them… Parallelism

4 Not everyone is meant to succeed; not everyone will fulfill his dreams; not everyone will soar with the eagles - what you hear in elementary school is complete crap! She felt love, she felt happiness, and she felt protection by people she truly didnt even know. She had to try things like smoking, wearing makeup, drinking alcohol, and living on the streets before she really got her life started.

5 There are plenty of natural fuels for use Handguns are necessary in modern society Hunting overpopulated animals is good for nature Also called the objection Head your oponents off before they decide. The yes….however… of your argument There are 2 sides to every argument. What is the other side of yours? Yes, I understand why you may feel…;however, here are the reasons why…

6 Now that a reader agrees with your viewpoint, what should they do? End your argument with the step they should take next. Will be the last line of your essay. Recycle water bottles Donate to helping save wildlife Call your Senator and let him know your thoughts

7 Ethos: Speaks to the ideas of right and wrong with questions or ideas or credibility Pathos: Speaks to our Hearts using images or sounds Logos: Speaks to our Brain using facts, statistics, charts, graphs, and #s Ethics & Morals & Values Emotions & Feelings Logic & Reasoning

8 In a professional essay: May be within the first few paragraphs. May not be one sentence but several put together. In your essays: It will be the last sentence of the first paragraph Can take the structure of: – Idea + 1 +2 + 3 + Because – Popcorn is the best snack when watching a movie because it is nutritious, it can be eaten with your hands, and it is fun to throw at your friends or the TV screen.

9 Now lets look at some commercials and ads for: What is the argument? Who is the intended audience? Devices used Appeals used

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