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Concept: Use Similar Polygons

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1 Concept: Use Similar Polygons
Sec 6-3 to 6-5 Concept: Use Similar Polygons Objective: given 2 polygons, determine if they are similar and solve problems as measured by a s.g.

2 Look around the room, identify objects that are similar
What does similar mean???

3 Example 1: Are the figures Similar?
If RSTUWXYZ List all pairs of corresponding congruent angles and write the ratios of the corresponding side.

4 Example 2 So, What is a scale Factor?_______________

5 3 Short Cuts 1. AATwo triangles are similar if two angles of one triangles are congruent to two angles of another triangle, 2. SSS Two triangles are similar if the corresponding side lengths of two triangles are proportional 3. SAS Two triangles are similar of an angles of one triangle is congruent to an angle of another triangle and the lengths of the sides including these angles are proportional.

6 Example 3 are the triangle similar?

7 Example 4

8 Example 5

9 Example 6

10 Today’s Work

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