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Sec 5-1 Concept: Midsegments

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1 Sec 5-1 Concept: Midsegments
Objective: given a midsegment, use it’s properties to solve problems and write coordinate proofs as measured by a s.g.

2 Read p. 295 and answer the following questions
What is a midsegment? What 2 things can you conclude from the midsegment theorem?

3 Example 1:

4 Example 2 A: If DE=4x+5 and GJ=3x+25, what is DE?

5 Example 2 B: If HJ==8x-2 and DF=2x+11, what is HJ?

6 Example 3: You are assembling the frame for a swing set. The horizontal crossbars in the kit you purchased are each 36 in. long. You attach the crossbars at the midpoints of the legs. At each end of the frame, how far apart will the bottoms of the legs be when the frame is assembled? Explain.

7 Read on p. 296 and answer the following question
What is a coordinate proof?

8 Example 4: Place the figure in a coordinate plane in a convenient way. Assign coordinates to each vertex. Isosceles Right Triangle: Leg length is 7 units. Scalene Triangle: One side length is 2m Square: side length s

9 Example 5: Find the unknown coordinates of the points in the figure. Then show that the given statement is true.

10 Helpful Formulas for Today Use your book or a friend
Slope: Midpoint: Distance:

11 Today’s Work

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