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IPad Rollout 2013-2014 St. Joseph School District Truman Middle School PROJECT CONNECT Welcome! Please find a seat and we will begin shortly. Thank you.

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1 iPad Rollout 2013-2014 St. Joseph School District Truman Middle School PROJECT CONNECT Welcome! Please find a seat and we will begin shortly. Thank you

2 SJSD Learning Profile Educating the 21st Century Learner 21st Century Teaching Teaching how to Learn 21st Century Learning 21st century context and content 21st Century Tools Tools to be a citizen in a global society

3 SJSD Instructional Goals Goal 1: Information Literacy Measurement: Digital Exhibition Measurement: Increased interaction with academic text Goal 2: Collaboration and Communication Measurement: Pre & Post surveys of Students regarding experience Measurement: Pre & Post surveys of Teachers regarding assignments Goal 3: Writing Measurement: Pre & Post ratings of Writing levels Goal 4: Reading Measurement: Pre & Post Lexile scores (SRI Test)

4 The automobile has practically reached the limits of its development. Scientific America, Jan. 2 1909 Creativity: that is now the key element of global competition, more than flow of goods and services or capital (Florida, 2005, p. xxiv). Florida, R. (2005) The rise of the creative class. New York, NY: HarperCollings.

5 Becoming a digital citizen

6 How to Be a Digital Citizen We strive to show students the safe, legal and responsible use of information and technology. We embrace the following conditions or facets of being a digital citizen: Respect Yourself. Protect Yourself. Respect Others. Protect Others. Respect Intellectual Property. Protect Intellectual Property.

7 Common Sense Media

8 Smart media usage: A family conversation Common Sense media agreement for parents and kids I will keep myself safe. I will be a good digital citizen. I will think first. I will keep a healthy balance. In exchange, my parents agree to talk with me about my digital life.

9 Monitor students at home Read and follow the guidelines in the Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) Know your students passwords Have them show you what they are doing in class Have them tell you what they are learning in class Be smart about social media Establish "house rules" for your child's digital life Parent Responsibilities

10 SJSD Policy on Filtering Apps In order to ensure appropriate content on electronic devices issued through Project Connect in the St. Joseph School District, students will NOT be allowed to load any apps on their iPads that are not already pre-loaded by the SJSD. No personal apps or content is allowed. This is different than last year. Internet Filtering Starting this year, all internet content (no matter which wifi a student is using) will be filtered through the SJSD filtering software. Therefore, if a student is using the internet off school grounds, it will still be filtered the same as if they were using the schools wifi.

11 21st Century Skills Keeping your iPad safe and running smoothly.

12 The iPad is the property of the Saint Joseph School District intended for educational use supports the learning environment student use of an iPad is considered a privilege iPad Usage Agreement

13 Dont leave your iPad unattended Dont leave it where the temperature will be very hot or very cold Dont leave it in a car Dont feed it Dont water it Do not place objects in front or behind iPad in bag to prevent glass damage Keeping your iPads safe

14 The iPad is made of glass, if dropped, it can break iPads have a slick surface, grip it carefully Dont leave it where the temperature gets cold or hot (under 32°F or over 95°F for long periods of time) Protect it from liquids or high humidity Caring for the iPad

15 Disconnect your iPad from power before cleaning Turn the power off before cleaning Clean screen with soft cloth or microfiber cloth Do not use window cleaners, glass cleaners, aerosol sprays, or alcohol to clean the screen

16 Bring your charged iPad to school every day Dont share it Keep it in the bag when not in use Treat it as if it were your own Use it for educational use Student Expectations

17 Keep your borrowed iPad under your control at all times. Dont leave it in the car. In the case of complete loss, the borrower will be responsible for the replacement cost. Theft Protection Benefits of iCloud


19 21st Century Skills iPad Policies and Procedures Successful use of a borrowed SJSD iPad

20 Student code of conduct applies in the digital world Do NOT deface the iPad or the bag Do NOT put a passcode on your iPad. If you forget your passcode, we can not retrieve it for you. iPad is subject to inspection at any time iPad Policies

21 Cost of Use, Damage, Loss, and Theft The district provides the iPad to the student for educational use at no cost. All damages, loss, and theft must be reported to the school within 48 hours. At school, students will be liable for damage to the borrowed iPad if the damage is a result of a violation to the Acceptable Use Policy. Students are responsible for all damage, loss or theft outside of school property Optional insurance is recommended but not required. The school district does not endorse any one insurance provider.

22 Signature Procedures Your signature of the User Agreement Form indicates your willingness to accept the terms defined by the Responsible Use Agreement, Board of Education Policy EHB, and the SJSD Technology General Guidelines outside of school. sign User Agreement Signature Form and turn it in to a faculty member before leaving this evening. Check website for updates and information. Remember, your child can not take home an iPad until the User Agreement Signature Form is signed.

23 Thank You for your attendance and continued support. iPads will be distributed the week of September 9-13 and will go home with your child only if we have a User Agreement Signature Form turned in. Please feel free to ask questions. Add Picture credits Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future. Steve Jobs

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