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Sec 1-6 Concept: Polygons

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1 Sec 1-6 Concept: Polygons Objective: Given a figure, we will identify and name it if it is a polygon as measured by a scoring guide

2 Vocabulary: Polygon: a plane figure that meets these 2 criteria
1. It is formed by three or more line segments called sides 2. each side intersects exactly two sides, one at each endpoint, so that no two sides with a common endpoint are collinear. S N O W Vertex Polygon SNOW

3 Example 1: Determine which shapes are polygons
Example 1: Determine which shapes are polygons. If a shape is a polygon, then state if it is concave or convex. A B C D concave convex A - yes B - no C - yes D - yes

4 Names of Polygons: Handout
You have 10 min. to do this handout, then we will go over it

5 Regular Polygon: A regular polygon is both equilateral and equiangular

6 Example 2: Each figure is a regular polygon
Example 2: Each figure is a regular polygon. Expressions are given for two sides lengths. Find the value of x. x2+5x+13 x2+10x-7 7x+34 11x-14 x2+5x+13 = x2+10x-7 20=5x 4=x 7x+34 = 11x-14 48=4x 12=x

7 Example 3: The expressions (3x+63)° and (7x-45)° represent the measures of two angles of a regular decagon. Find the measure of an angle of the decagon. 3x+63=7x-45 108=4x 27=x 3(27)+63 =144°

8 Example 4: Draw a figure that fits the description.
A quadrilateral that is not regular A concave pentagon

9 Example 5 # 31 p. 46

10 Example 6 # 33 & 36 p. 46

11 Today’s Work:

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