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Welcome to Cologne 3 rd WP 5 Meeting May 26 th 2015.

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1 Welcome to Cologne 3 rd WP 5 Meeting May 26 th 2015

2 WP 5 Update 05/2015 3rd WP Meeting Cologne, May 26 th 2015 Thomas Kunkel, M.D. Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), Germany

3 WWW.CHRODIS.EU Overview on today’s topics 1.Recent Activities in the Joint Action 2.Current status of person days per partner in WP 5 3.WP 5 Milestones in 2015 4.Task 3 – Identification of Good Practices 5.Task 4 – Conference in Vilnius 6.Evaluation of our Work Package 7.Task 5 – Study visits

4 WWW.CHRODIS.EU Recent Activities in the Joint Action (since the GA in February) WP 1: First technical report submitted to CHAFEA (April) WP 1 and WP 2: Update on website - Pictures, agendas and presentations of February meetings available here: work/01-coordination/wp01-meetings/ WP 3: Formal evaluation interim report due in September 2015 WP 4: First Delphi Panel on Health Promotion finished. Second Panel on organizational interventions ongoing, third Panel in preparation. Continued work to elaborate the concept for the Platform for Knowledge Exchange

5 WWW.CHRODIS.EU Recent Activities in the Joint Action II (since the GA in February) WP 6: Recently published a series of mongraphies in the European Journal of Internal Medicine ( ejim/) WP 7: Phase 1 survey (collection of data on prevention and management of diabetes): 19 countries and 154 experts involved Currently working on first draft of the report. Phase 2 survey began in late April. WP7 meetings 2-3 of July in Rome and 19th of October in Slovenia Next Executive Board Meeting: June 10th and 11th in Treviso, Italy

6 WWW.CHRODIS.EU Current Status of Person Days in WP 5 PartnerCountry person/days in WP5 adjusted in 2014 2014 total reported Person days left ISCIIISpain44530,0 415,0 EHNetBelgium26681,0 185,0 BZgAGermany1057330,0 727,0 ISSItaly18215,0 167,0 NCPHABulgarien33089,0 241,0 MINSALItaly4213,0 29,0 YPEGreece791249,0 542,0 HSEIreland9144,0 47,0 IPHIreland20389,0 114,0 HODNorway78 78,0 DGSPortugal25160,0 191,0 INSAPortugal172121,0 51,0 NIHDEstonia26022,0 238,0 SMLPCLithuania58662,0 524,0 DOHIIsland24075,0 165,0 EIWHIreland3030,0 0,0 RIVMNetherlands15945,0 114,0 CSBSJASpain13923,0 116,0 FPSSpain12417,0 107,0 total54461395,0 4051

7 WWW.CHRODIS.EU Milestones 2015 Task 3: Report on Good Practice Examples Due: June 2015 Extended Due Date: 01.08.2015 Task 4: Conference Due: November 2015 Date: 24th and 25th November 2015

8 WWW.CHRODIS.EU Evaluation of the Joint Action First draft proposal for an evaluation procedure disseminated by WP 3 in May Procedure: Revision of draft by CHRODIS WP leaders and partners Feedback to WP 3 by WP leaders Approval of the draft by the Executive Board in Treviso (June 1015)

9 WWW.CHRODIS.EU The Joint Action on Chronic Diseases and Promoting Healthy Ageing across the Life Cycle (JA-CHRODIS)* * This presentation arises from the Joint Action addressing chronic diseases and healthy ageing across the life cycle (JA-CHRODIS), which has received funding from the European Union, under the framework of the Health Programme (2008-2013).

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