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10/14/08SJSD Assessment2 End of Course Exams Information for SJSD Teachers October 14, 2008.

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1 10/14/08SJSD Assessment2 End of Course Exams Information for SJSD Teachers October 14, 2008

2 10/14/08SJSD Assessment3 Purpose Ensure stakeholders fully understand the details and implications of the EOC mandates. Clarify district plans for delayed decisions and impact on student grades.

3 10/14/08SJSD Assessment4 Timeline Spring 2008- Field test administration: Algebra 1, English 2, Biology Fall of 08- will announce what the next Science test will be- we believe chemistry, based upon a probable impending call for item writers in that area./= 2008-2009 Operational testing: Algebra 1, English 2, Biology; Field test administration for 2009-2010 Operational tests 2009-2010 Operational testing additions to include Algebra 2, Integrated Math 2, Integrated Math 3, Geometry, English 1, Government, and American History

4 10/14/08SJSD Assessment5 Student Requirements Students will be required to take: Algebra 1 English 2 Biology Government Plus one additional EOC in each content area for a total of 8 - 2 each content area- prior to graduation. Effective for Class of 2011- this years sophomores (field tests WILL count towards the total of 8)

5 10/14/08SJSD Assessment6 Timing EOCs are bound to content, not grade level. EOCs are to be administered at the end of the appropriate course of study. In other words, when the content of the assessed information is covered, the test can be administered regardless of student grade level.

6 10/14/08SJSD Assessment7 8th graders Students taking Algebra 1 in the 8th grade will take BOTH the MAP and Algebra 1 EOC

7 10/14/08SJSD Assessment8 Whats new as a result of EOCs Opportunity to delay a students testing experience Opportunity to utilize student performance in student grades The SJSD has made several policy decisions as a result of these two new opportunities.

8 10/14/08SJSD Assessment9 Delayed Decision Option After consideration, the SJSD has decided to implement the following procedure for handling delayed decisions: 1.Teachers will determine whether or not to recommend a student for delayed decision. 2.Teachers will fill out application and submit to department chair for approval. 3.If department chair agrees with recommendation, she/he will forward to the principal. 4.If the principal is also in agreement, he/she will forward delayed decision application to the district Delayed Decision Panel.

9 10/14/08SJSD Assessment10 District Delayed Decision Panel Mr. Jason Callaway Mrs. Kris Compton Dr. Jeanette Westfall Dr. Solon Haynes (or Mrs. Denise Bursemeyer) Dr. Laura Nelson

10 10/14/08SJSD Assessment11 Time Line April 10 Teachers recommend delayed decisions and complete application(s) which they submit to department chair who forwards to principal, if in agreement with recommendation. By April 12, principals submit delayed decision applications to assessment office. April 13-15 Panel is convened to make decisions and senior testing (ie which seniors need to sit for tests, regardless of whether or not they are enrolled in corresponding courses so they can meet the 8 by graduation requirement) April 16-20 Delayed decisions finalized/documented in the assessment office- notification sent to buildings April 27-May 8 SJSD EOC window for 2009

11 10/14/08SJSD Assessment12 Test Administration The SJSD is actively pursuing plans to administer EOCs entirely on-line. Logistical information will be addressed in the coming months.

12 10/14/08SJSD Assessment13 Grading Implications The SJSD will require that the students EOC score be counted in the students SEMESTER GRADE. The EOC score will count for 10% of the semester grade.

13 10/14/08SJSD Assessment14 Three yearly testing windows A definite change from prior practices of one yearly window. Information regarding the summer 09 and Fall 09 testing windows will be addressed in the coming months.

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