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Class Collaboration with Edmodo. What is Edmodo? - Clip social learning network for teachers, students,

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1 Class Collaboration with Edmodo

2 What is Edmodo? - Clip social learning network for teachers, students, schools and districts Safe and easy way to connect –Exchange ideas –Share content –Access homework, grades and class notices.

3 Secure Platform Ensures Student Safety and Privacy Closed environment No private information required from students Students join classes by the invitation of their teacher only All communications are archived Teacher has full management control Sub domains allow district administrators greater control

4 What we can currently do… Post notes to the class or individual Add resources for the students Add assignment that need to be turned in online Mark assignments online Create a quiz Create a poll of the class Create a class calendar

5 Teacher Landing Page Store unlimited content for easy re-use and sharing Create Groups for Classes and Professional Development Encourage collaboration and participation in classroom discussions Post assignments, reminders, polls, or discussion questions

6 Student View Unlimited storage for documents, videos and other resources Students can only join groups, they cannot create them Students receive notifications for new grades, new assignments, alerts or replies Students can only send messages to the entire group or directly to the teacher

7 Sign Up to SMC Edmodo 1.Visit - 2.Sign Up for an account –School code is => ruinqn –(students sign up the same way, but have a GROUP CODE instead) Jobs:  Post a welcome message to the group.  Reply to someone else's introduction.

8 Post a Message When first introduced students are ‘silly’. After a day it stops. Need strong example set Send a message to a group, or post direct messages to specific students or teacher connections Select to post a note, alert, assignment or poll Embed videos, attach files, links or any documents from your Edmodo Library collection

9 Edmodo Library Upload, store and edit content to your personal library Organize library into folders and share files and folders with groups Unlimited Storage, accessible anywhere! Unlimited Storage, accessible anywhere!

10 Practice Practice uploading a document from Pages to your Library in Edmodo. 1.Open Pages 2.Select the ‘spanner’ > ‘share and print’ > ‘open in another app’ – select Edmodo 3.Document is now in your Library. Try posting this document as a post for all the see.

11 Practice a Poll Complete the demo Poll. –Could be a way in class of igniting a discussion

12 Create an Assignment View and grade assignments as students turn them in Click “Load Assignment” to easily pull up a previously given assignment

13 Practice Assignment ‘Turn In’ a document as your demo assignment to Edmodo. 1.Place your document in the Edmodo Library 2.Tap the ‘Turn In’ icon. 3.Select your document from the library. Give a reaction to the Assignment and click submit.

14 Grading Assignments Comments allow you to provide feedback on assignments. Students can also comment back and a permanent record is kept for reference. Students can attach documents, links or embed video. Teachers can annotate assignments.

15 Progress Export option allows you to transfer grades to another program Scores are updated automatically after each assignment is graded and recorded View grades or badges

16 Calendar/Planner Filter by group or view all Add class events, school events or view scheduled assignments View by month or week

17 Create a Quiz Select to create a new quiz or load a previously created one Add a quiz title, instructions, time limit and choose whether you’d like to allow students to view results immediately.

18 Create a group 2. Complete group info 3. Distribute code or Join URL to group members 1. Select Create on groups menu

19 Student Sign Up Student must have group code to register

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