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Structural and Decorative Design

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1 Structural and Decorative Design

2 Design The selecting and organizing of materials to fill a function.
Components of Design Elements of Design: Space, Shape and Form, Line, Texture, and Color Principles of design: Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis, Scale and Proportion, and Harmony

3 4 factors that influence Design
Function—What purpose will the object serve? Materials—Of what will the object be made? Technology—How will the object be made? Style—Is the object appropriate and appealing to the user?

4 Design should follow the law of
Form Follows Function Design should follow the law of FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION which states: The form of an object or space should reflect its intended use and fulfill its intended function. The materials selected for a design must be suitable for the intended design.






10 Types of Design Structural Design Simple Lines No ornamentation
The design is an integral part of the structure itself. The structure and design cannot be separated.

11 Structural Designs

12 Decorative Design Ornamentation added to enhance the basic design, the structure and the design can be separated without destroying the object Involves the application of color, line, texture, or pattern to an object.

13 Decorative Design

14 Structural vs. Decorative

15 Structural vs. Decorative

16 Structural vs. Decorative

17 For Decorative design to be successful it must:
Be suitable for the intended function Be appropriate for the materials that are being used Be appropriate in size and amount to the object in which it is found Be used to emphasize the structure.


19 Assignment #2 Portfolio Pages
Using magazines locate large, clear pictures that illustrate the following examples of structural and decorative design: A structural piece of furniture vs. a decorative piece of furniture 2 Pages total

20 Structural vs. Decorative



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