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Haiku OCLC Update 7 th TexShare ILL Workshop September 29, 2006.

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1 Haiku OCLC Update 7 th TexShare ILL Workshop September 29, 2006

2 Big Goings On Since Last We Met Conversion of Union List Subsystem to Local Holdings Maintenance in Connexion Introduction of Auto-Deflection and Deflection Policies

3 Resource Sharing & Local Holdings Maintenance Union List data converted in February to MFHD Local holdings now entered/updated in Connexion

4 why keep saying No? local holdings maintenance speaks louder than words

5 bits named 20 and 21 sow magic where drudgery dwelt

6 ILL staff submit the request for item to TQD Request specifies copy And lending librarys bibliographic records LHR has been set to will not reproduce System will automatically skip that librarys symbol in the lender string Request history will indicate auto-deflection as reason for refusal see! copy or loan, it comes and goes, you ask why? its OCLC. why ask why?

7 Request automatically skips TQD Reason for refusal shows as auto-deflection request deflected: the lending librarys smile would cut diamonds

8 Who can update local holdings? Staff with a full cataloging autho in an institution currently on subscription pricing








16 policy in place; A/V requests roll like rain drops off the lenders back

17 Deflection decision hierarchy –Non-supplier status Nothing loaned or copied –Local Holdings Record (LHR) Bytes 20 and 21 override any PD deflection settings –Deflection Type - On/off indicator. Enable Real Time Deflection (on) Disable Deflection (off) –Deflection Profile Deflection polices

18 Order of Deflection When deflection is introduced, requests will be processed in the order the deflection policies are created. Example: Request comes through WorldCat Resource Sharing 1.It looks at policy #1. 2.If the request doesnt meet the criteria to be deflected, it will go on to policy #2. 3.If it meets the criteria for deflection, the request will be deflected and move on to the next lender.

19 Planned deflection parameters (in development) Cost Geography Age of materials E-serial-specific deflection Library type

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