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Email 101 Instructors: Connie Hutchison & Christopher McCoy.

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1 Email 101 Instructors: Connie Hutchison & Christopher McCoy

2 Objectives Create an online email account Create a secure password Write and send e-mail messages Add contacts to address book Create folders to organize emails Send and Open attachments Text editing capabilities

3 EmailSnail Mail Send messages instantly Messages arrive after 2-3 days Access anywhere Fixed physical address Free (with internet access) Cost of postage

4 Other Advantages Other tools (calendar, contact list, chat) Private (password protected) Access other parts of the web Send emails to large numbers of people at once More than just text: share pictures and other files Easy to organize

5 Anatomy of an email address Username at Email Provider Email Provider

6 Webmail

7 Email Lingo Send Reply Forward Inbox CC/BCC Attachment Contact list Filter Delete Spam

8 Inbox Menu Search Sidebar

9 Header Body Format Bar

10 Header Body Actions

11 Search Inbox Side Bar

12 Email Etiquette Reply vs. reply all Greeting and closing/Subject line Consider your readers Spell check Formatting DONT TYPE IN ALL CAPS Protect privacy with BCC


14 Spam STOP SPAM: Never reply to spam Spam filter Separate email accounts Give out your email to those you trust

15 Phishing

16 Passwords Make your password difficult to guess Dont use your dogs name, birthday, or complete words Use capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols such as !@#$%^&*() Longer is better (8 or more characters) Never tell anyone your password Know how to recover your password

17 Which password is more secure? fluffy1 F1f4ie$J

18 Password Trick Think of a long phrase thats meaningful to you. For example: T winkle T winkle L ittle S tar, H ow I W onder W hat Y ou A re becomesTTLSHIWWYA Not bad!

19 But youre not done yet! Mix up the capital and lowercase letters, and add some numbers and symbols:TtL$H1wWy@

20 Beyond Email

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