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OCLC Update Session Ron Glass Senior Library Services Consultant TexShare 9 th Interlibrary Loan Workshop Austin, TX October 9, 2009.

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1 OCLC Update Session Ron Glass Senior Library Services Consultant TexShare 9 th Interlibrary Loan Workshop Austin, TX October 9, 2009

2 Overview ILLiad Resource Sharing Community WorldCat Resource Sharing WorldCat Direct Direct Request for Articles

3 ILLiad Version 8 to be released at the end of October 2009 Client upgrade only Complete redesign Tab browsing Autoupdates Version 7.4 may run in tandem with V.8

4 EVERY CONNECTIO N has a starting point. WebJunction Resource Sharing Portal

5 Information created, used … and lost? Can anyone please send me either a link or pdf of your ILL policy/procedure manual? Does anyone have a suggestion for a good compatible scanner? Anyone would be willing to share their library's policy on processing borrowing requests for lost/missing books. Converting PDF to TIFF and keep the color - learn how. ILLIAD-L

6 Setting up an account 1.Go to 2.Create Account (if not already WebJunction user or if you already have a username or password for WorldCat Registry,, FirstSearch or Online Service Center -- you can use the same one to get into WebJunction) 3.Sign In 4.Go to My Account / Edit Account 5.Update Profile My Affiliations and Profile Viewing Options 6.Choose the Resource Sharing Affiliation or 7.Choose MyWebJunction


8 Resource Sharing Community Features Ways to connect Social tools to help librarians and staff connect with their peers within the library community Discussions, groups, profiles, recommendations, tagging Ways to create Fast and simple user-created groups, documents, discussions, comments, metadata, best practices, training guides, and more Ways to personalize with MyWebJunction Your Friends, Groups, Discussions, Activities, Bookmarks, Interests, Contributions, Affiliations

9 To Join …

10 To Help Build the Community …

11 WorldCat Resource Sharing


13 WorldCat Direct / Better World Books Same purpose: Home delivery for ILL Request Differences: Resources provided by book supplier instead of lending library Patron may purchase book Patron may keep book longer Borrowing library pays for each delivery

14 WorldCat Direct Pilot Goals: 1.Reduce costs by eliminating wasteful steps in library supply chain 2.Get ILL requests to patrons faster 3.Add more value to WorldCat Resource Sharing community by offering alternatives to traditional ILL

15 Progress So Far USER SURVEY RESULTS… 91% of users agreed, or completely agreed with the statement, Overall, I was satisfied with the home delivery service. (77% completely agreed) 84% plan to use the service again 87% would recommend the service to others 5% purchased the book 92% very satisfied with option to purchase book

16 Non-Pilot Library Use BWB inventory covers 15-20% of loans in WCRS 338 libraries Total number of requests 3,500 requests - end June 2009 Non -pilot libraries receive many of the same benefits as pilot libraries, except there is no home delivery – libraries still have to receive request and process like any other ILL 30 day loans Postage paid return envelope Ability to purchase book

17 Success WorldCat Direct Pilot End Users Time Savings: 41 min. / request Delivery Speed: 90% Satisfaction 52% delivered <7 days 89% delivered <=10 days 93% Satisfaction 89% Would recommend to others 25% Repeat Users - 12% used 4+ times 92% Satisfied with Option to Purchase Libraries 11 Pilot Libraries Reduced ILL staff time 85% Fill Rate

18 Success WorldCat Direct Pilot Better World Books Inventory covered approx. 20% of ILL requests Loaded >2M records into WorldCat Sold 5% of ILLs to end-users or libraries Identified pricing model Access to all libraries in Resource Sharing (OCLC Symbol: QUICK) OCLC Confirmed sustainable Home Delivery business model Use by pilot libraries met expectations Library and End-User Satisfaction High community interest

19 Non-Pilot Success (Traditional ILL) WorldCat Direct Pilot Libraries can request items from Better World Books using WorldCat Resource Sharing (OCLC Symbol: QUICK) 30 day loans, plus some lead time for mailing Postage-paid return envelope Library or User may purchase book (no home delivery) Better World Books must have interesting inventory… >Over 5,000 requests from non-pilot libraries through WorldCat Resource Sharing since May 2008

20 Next steps Soft launch in WCRS – November ILLiad will follow Libraries can choose to turn on home delivery option Includes patron notifications BWB has 1.7M titles in WorldCat

21 Next steps Working closely with IDS and Atlas to undertake full requirements analysis Several Florida libraries are interested Several CIC libraries may assist with requirements review

22 Direct Request for Articles Resource sharing and e-journal management A web scale solution to IDS Projects ALIAS Integrated Knowledge Base with WorldCat License management – ILL Y/N & ILL instructions WCRS or ILLiad for request management Part of WCRS subscription – not an additional service



25 Thank You! Questions?

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