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Instructor: Danielle Barra Office Hours: By appointment Address: Web Page: Telephone:

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2 Instructor: Danielle Barra Office Hours: By appointment E-mail Address: Web Page: Telephone: 498-3676 ext. 1310

3 The first sub-term will focus on the unifying themes of life. There will be a lot of new terms, concepts and labs so attendance is very important. Inorganic Chemistry Review Biochemistry Cells & Cell Division Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration SUBTERM 1: UNITS OF INSTRUCTION

4 Molecular Structure & Function of DNA Biotechnology (Amgen Lab series) Genetics & Heredity Evolution SUBTERM 2: UNITS OF INSTRUCTION

5 HOMEWORK10% CLASSWORK35% TESTS & QUIZZES 55% *Late work will only be accepted TWO times through the end of the Term. GRADES: Category Weights HOMEWORK10% CLASSWORK30% TESTS & QUIZZES 45% COMPREHENSIVE FINAL 15% SUBTERM 1SUBTERM 2

6 Homework will be assigned on a regular basis. Even if a homework assignment has not been given, time should be spent each night reviewing the work of the day and the past week, organizing notes, and preparing for the next day.

7 I do not offer extra credit. Course grades will be determined by percent weights in 3 or 4 categories. Final grades will be based on the following percentages: 100 - 93A76 - 73C 92 - 89A-72 - 69C- 88 - 87B+68 - 67D+ 86 - 83B66 - 63D 82 - 79B-62 - 59D- 78 - 77C+58 - 0F NO EXTRA CREDIT Need a “B-” or better to stay in the honors science track.


9 What Can You Do At Home To Help? Have students do homework before social time/ computer time Encourage study sessions Take an interest E-mail/Call me with questions and/or concerns

10 Students moving through Honors Science at NPHS Chemistry- H AP Environmental Science (11 th /12 th ) Biology- H Marine Science- CP Anatomy- CP Biotechnology- CP Physics- CP Biology- CP Cannot go into IB; follow CP pathway B- or better AP Physics (11 th /12 th ) IB Bio or IB Chem (need B- or better in Chem H, BioH and IB Year 1) 12 th grade IB year 1 (Chem/Bio) 11 th grade &/or B- or better

11 Need a tax write off? Latex gloves Kleenex Reams of paper Baggies Stopwatches Flat toothpicks Colored pencils Glue sticks

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