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ODOT- Office of Environmental Services. Every ODOT project has the potential to create an impact on the public. The public relies on our transportation.

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1 ODOT- Office of Environmental Services

2 Every ODOT project has the potential to create an impact on the public. The public relies on our transportation system. Ohios citizens have a vested interest in ODOTs actions. Successful public involvement can help shape our actions in ways to ensure success.

3 1. How not to have your head handed to you by the public! 2. How not to have lack of Public Involvement cost you late changes to your project! 3. How to ensure you KEEP your job!!!!!


5 How to Develop a PIP Plan that fits your project How to ensure PI reaches the Right People How to create effective PI Tools How to plan and implement effective public involvement meetings How to address Public Involvement comments and ensure proper follow-up How to deal effectively with the public

6 Lesson One - How to Develop a Public Involvement Plan Lesson Two - How to Ensure Public Involvement Reaches the Right People Break Lesson Three - How to Create Effective Public Involvement Communication Tools Lunch

7 Lesson Four - How to Plan and Implement Effective Public Involvement Meetings Lesson Five - How to Address Public Involvement Comments and Ensure Proper Follow-up Lesson Six - How to Deal Effectively with the Public Review Adjourn

8 How to Develop a Public Involvement Plan (PIP)

9 Why do we need Public Involvement? Public Involved Identify Needs Public support Best decision Required (FHWA & ODOT require some level of PI on every project.) Its the right thing to do!

10 Simplify PI process by taking guess work out Encourages PMs to be strategic w/ PI Keep you within your project budget Keep you on-time and within scope Keep your stakeholders and public involved and aware!

11 Its your Framework for how you engage the public for your project… Its a tool to help inform the project team and the public of the PI process for this specific project. Its developed in Step 1 of the PDP and updated throughout the process.

12 The PIP is more than a requirement of the PDP… Should be well thought out - needs to answer the necessary Who, What, Where, When, Why and How questions in a clear and concise manner

13 Identify all parties interested in and affected by your project. Determine the best method to engage the public. Inform the public about your project. Inform the public regarding the process to provide comments and what will be done with them. Tailor outreach to ensure you engage the public at the right times in ODOTs PDP w/ the right information.

14 Project Scope and Description Where and Why Discuss Who the team is and the roles Discuss What the decision making structure will be Discuss What PI activities will be carried out and How and Where Discuss the project schedule When Discuss How the project will be carried out (PDP process)

15 Project concept, scope/PDP discussion, process mapping Project Schedule describing major decision points Stakeholder List Media Contact List Project Fact Sheets/Brochures Team Decision Tree Project Contact List/Website/Hot Lines, etc

16 Approved by ODOT - OES Coordinated with public and agencies Posted to website Updated as project matures Required for Minor and Major PDP

17 Public Involvement is a Two-way Street! Share information Listen to the public Listening involves understanding and building trust.

18 Make sure the Public truly understands your project! Understanding = Public support Dont rely on one source to get your message out Dont assume the public has the same conclusions as you, just because it is what you said… Engage the public on their terms in places that they know and are comfortable in

19 Use Public Involvement to Identify your Community's needs and develop solutions One size DOES NOT fit all! What worked elsewhere may not work well here! Dont assume you know the community's needs. Listen to them first and develop alternatives as a result of this communication. Actively solicit the publics help to develop/evaluate the P&N and alternatives. Remember - Build trust and understanding first!

20 Tailor your Public Involvement to fit your public! One size DOES NOT fit all! Research your community to understand how to best communicate with them. Ensure your PIP is flexible if you have multiple communities involved…

21 Make sure the Public understands their Role in the Decision-Making Process! This is not a vote! Let the public know what decisions have already been made/how and in what form. Inform them on the decisions that still need to be made. Inform them on how they can assist in making those future decisions (define their role). Inform them on how the decisions will be made and when.

22 Be Flexible! Change happens- be prepared for and be willing to adjust to the publics needs. Every group is going to be different, so dont assume what worked in one area will work in another.


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