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Welcome to VCMS Middle School 101

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1 Welcome to VCMS Middle School 101
Kathy April 23, 2013

2 PTO Elections President- Amy Szvetecz Vice President – Cheryl Kearney
_______________ President- Amy Szvetecz Vice President – Cheryl Kearney Treasurer – Eleanor LoPresti Secretary – Cheryl Hillman Parliamentarian – Julie Smith Kathy

3 Please email nominations
Local School Council Please nominations To Mrs. Rohacek. Vote will be at Viper Camp. Kathy

4 VCMS 101: Agenda Our Faculty Supporting our new 6th graders
Our Schedule & Courses Parent Involvement Community Involvement Upcoming transition events Questions Kathy

5 Our Vickery Creek faculty and staff are here to support you!
Kathy Rohacek Van Lewsader Karen Ogline Jean Lipscomb Mandy Malcolm Sue Sabo Amy Ingram Kathy

6 VCMS: Faculty VCMS Teachers are… Kathy Simply the best!

7 Can we choose our lunch time and sit with our friends?
So Many Questions! How do I open my locker? Can I choose classes? Can we choose our lunch time and sit with our friends? When will we get our schedules? Kathy Will I get lost? How do we switch classes? How many students are in a class?

8 Our students are the best!

9 Vickery Creek Students
Projected enrollment for = 1140 Students: th graders We welcome 6th grade students from the following elementary schools: Cumming Kelly Mill Midway Sawnee Vickery Creek Whitlow Kathy

10 Supporting our Students
Interdisciplinary Teams Connect Time - Advisement each Wednesday Counseling Dept. PALS Mentors Mandy

11 Preparing your child for middle school
Some things are different in middle school Drop off of forgotten items Dress Code Lockers Sue

12 Dropping off forgotten items
In order to limit interruptions to instruction, we do not call into classes to have students retrieve forgotten items such as lunch or schoolwork. Parents may bring these items and they will be placed on the front counter for their child to pick up. Parents can the teacher if an item has been brought to school.

13 Dress Code Follow the Forsyth County dress code –
in the FCSS Code of Conduct Length of skirts and shorts – fingertip guideline Backpacks pull up dresses and skirts flip up in back Kids grow fast! No skin/holes in pants above fingertip length guideline Tops – no inappropriate language, tank tops, cleavage, see-through or midriff showing Sue

14 Preparing your child for middle school
Getting ready to use a locker at school Items to purchase and those to avoid Sample lockers..... Sue

15 Preparing your child for middle school
As you can see from the examples, there is not a lot of room for extras. Many students who purchase the decorations, quickly learn that other important items don’t their books and a coat! Not all lockers shelves fit into our lockers but our PTO sells the right size in the school store and at Viper Camp Sue

16 More tips to prepare your child for middle school
Develop healthy relationships by accepting differences; understand that friendships may change because our students come from six different elementary schools Limit and monitor social network use. Facebook, etc. tend to exaggerate the typical squabbles and social challenges of middle school students. Sue

17 More tips to prepare your child for middle school
Develop consistent routines with timelines, physical activity and bedtime – computers, phones & TV Develop a healthy balance between academic expectations and extracurricular activities. Develop self-discipline and responsibility by establishing strong study habits with a set time and place to study at home every day Mandy

18 Vickery Creek Communication
Student Agendas ANGEL – Changing to itsLearning Parent and Student Portal Voice Mail Call Messenger Messenger Jean

19 Vickery Creek Communication
Website Facebook and Twitter PTO Newsletters Parent Conferences Jean

20 VCMS Schedule 7 period day – 54 minute periods
5 Academic classes + 2 Connections Connect Time once a week A-B-C weekly rotation 9 week Connection classes Van

21 Academics: Meeting the Needs of All Students
Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Reading, Reading Literacy, or Math Literacy Van

22 Previewing your child’s courses
Teachers and administrators have reviewed student data to determine the best placement for students. Parents will be able to view their child’s recommended courses on-line. We hope to have that feature live by the week of May 20 and be open until May 31. Instructions will be available on our website starting on May 20. Van

23 VCMS Connections: Art Band Chorus Computer Literacy Drama Health
Math Plus Physical Education Study Skills Technology Karen

24 Vickery Creek Performing Arts
BAND Instrument Tryouts: In August, during the first two weeks of band classes. Karen

25 Vickery Creek Activities
Clubs Intramurals Dances Special Days Karen

26 Vickery Creek Athletics (7th & 8th grade only)
Football Football Cheerleading 7TH Grade Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball 8TH Grade Girls’ and Boys’ Basketball Basketball Cheerleading Track Golf Karen

27 Community Support Our Parents Our Business Partners Amy

28 Our Parents Supportive Involved Welcome! Amy

29 Parent to Parent Finding classrooms Lockers Knowing the school
Teachers Courses Assignments Peer Pressure Communication Medical notes Amy Szvetecz

30 Your help is needed and wanted!
Vickery Creek Parents Your help is needed and wanted! Other Ways to be Involved PALS Media Center Local School Council Mentors Watch D.O.G.S. Dads Parent Teacher Organization: Copy Mom/Dad School Store Calendar Dances Hospitality Fund Raising Newsletter Open House Special Events- Red Ribbon Week Amy Szvetecz

31 Vickery Creek Business Partners
Vickery Creek Middle can give: Positive publicity Student talent for your special event Collaboration on community endeavors Assistance with special functions Van

32 Vickery Creek Business Partners
Vickery Creek Middle needs: Assistance with student recognition programs Support for instructional programs Support and recognition for staff Collaboration on special events and community endeavors Adults willing to mentor students Van

33 Future Transition Dates
May 15– 5th grade students participate in field trips to VCMS for a guided tour August 5 – 6th grade Viper Camp- 9:30 -11:30 Takes the place of Open House for 6th graders Parents in the gym Students in homeroom August 5:Regular Open House for 7th & 8th graders Kathy

34 Viper Camp Agendas (paid by PTO) Lockers - $5.00 Lunch
PE Uniform $20.00 Supply List Discipline Dress Code Kathy

35 We are glad you are joining us!

36 Kathy Questions?

37 Frequently Asked Questions:
When do we get our bus information? Each child has a sticker placed on their agenda with the correct bus information. A transportation representative will also be available at Viper Camp. How do we make schedule changes if we don’t think our child is placed correctly? We make all schedule decisions based on three things: data, classroom performance (report cards) and teacher recommendation. There will be a procedure and forms on our school website if you would like to request a schedule change. However, the data must support the requested change. Do students get to use a locker in PE? Yes. However, students can only use it during that one period and must pay locker fee of $3.00 for the year. Students are strongly encouraged to leave ALL valuables at home or in their regular locker. Can students carry their cell phones with them? Yes. However, unless a teacher is asking students to bring technology to class for an instructional purpose, all cell phones and other devices must be turned off and out of sight. Cell phones should not be taken to PE or in the locker room.

38 More Frequently Asked Questions:
5. Can my student call or text me during the day? Our students are allowed to check their phones for text messages immediately after lunch and right before dismissal. Students are not allowed to call or text parents at any other time of the day. If they need to contact parents, students must ask permission to use the school phone or wait until the designated time. How early can we drop off our student? The front doors will be unlocked at 7:45 and students will be supervised in the cafeteria until the morning bell rings at 8:45 for them to go to homeroom. Where do we find information about clubs? A flyer is available on our school website. Can students carry their inhalers and Epipens? Yes. However, a Care Plan with doctor’s orders must be completed with our school nurse. All medications, including over the counter, must be turned in to the school nurse by an adult, in their original packaging.

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