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1 Reconstruction

2 Lincoln’s Purpose for Reconstruction
To restore and rebuild the south To reunite the country To pardon those who seceded from the Union

3 After Lincoln’s Death The south didn’t see the economic growth that other regions saw due to the tremendous loses they incurred in the W Manufacturing grew more slowly Congress takes control and puts the south under military rule thus enforcing the idea that all men could vote Congress didn’t want former confederate leaders elected and in charge of southern states

4 3 branches of government
Legislative Branch : Congress (House of Representatives and Senate) make the laws Executive Branch: President makes sure the laws are obeyed Judicial Branch: Supreme Court interprets the laws and settles legal arguments

5 How to change the constitution and add amendments
Amendments are proposed changes to the Constitution Proposed by 2/3rd of the House of Representatives and Senate And then 3/4th of the states must ratify (accept)

6 13th Amendment 14th Amendment 15th Amendment
How are citizen’s rights protected by the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments 13th Amendment Outlawed slavery 14th Amendment Guaranteed due process (right to a trial) Made African-Americans citizens with equal protection under the law 15th Amendment Gave African-Americans the right to vote

7 Why did freedmen decide to sharecrop?
Few had the money to buy land Only thing they knew was farming Sharecroppers stayed poor because it was hard to get out of debt Sharecropping: a system o farming in which the tenant farmer pays his rent with a share of his crops

8 How did Reconstruction change the lives of African-Americans in the South?
Slaves were freed Public school systems were established in the south Freedmen’s Bureau was established Failure of reconstruction was the inability to guarantee the rights of the freed slaves

9 How did the Jim Crow laws and social customs of the South affect the lives of African Americans?
Some southerners didn’t want the freed slaves to be equal so Jim Crow laws were imposed These laws created segregation and prevented equality Black Codes: were passed by southern states to limit the rights of former enslaved people to travel, vote, and work in certain jobs.

10 End of Reconstruction Herbert Hayes is president and orders the government soldiers to leave the south

11 After Lincoln President Johnson Became Vice President March 4, 1865
Became President September 1865 Reconstruction plan offered amnesty to southerners Radical Republicans Black Americans to have equal rights including the right to vote

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