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Life in Kenya By: Cami Merkel.

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1 Life in Kenya By: Cami Merkel

2 Food in Kenya In Kenya there are lots of food like Ugali, chi pates, Goat stew and porridge. Ugali is a water and mixture that becomes a white paste. It is scooped out and formed into the shape of a spoon. They use it in Kenya to scoop stews and soups. Chi pates are round and like tortillas, they are eaten with almost every meal, you scoop up whatever the main dish is and they eat them together. Goat stew is also very common for lunch and dinner. It is simply a stew made out of goat meat and vegetables. Porridge is eaten for breakfast, and is much like cream of wheat.

3 Music in Kenya Kenya’s music is mainly based on drumming, humming, singing and dance. The National Museums of Kenya exhibits a wide variety of these musical instruments; drums, lyres, flutes and guitars. Recently there is an increase in FM radio stations all over Kenya playing a mixture of rap, hip-hop, reggae and afro-jazz. Kenyan music and it's artists are making history for themselves.

4 Kenya’s Culture Kenya’s culture is very fascinating way of life,music,and language .Kenya's culture has been around for thousands of years. There is nowhere else in Africa that has a larger culture. Each cultural group has there own unique traditional clothing, crafts, music, architecture, jewelry, food, and social economic activities.

5 Animals in Kenya There are lots of animals in Kenya. Here are the main ones Zebras,Lions,Leopards,Buffalo,Rhino,Hippos,Girrafes,Baboons,Wildebeets,Warthog,Antelope,and Gazelles. The predators are Hippos,Lions,Leopards,Rhinos,and Buffalo.

6 Kenya’s geography The geography of Kenya is vast. Kenya has a coastline on the Indian Ocean. The Inlands are broad plains and with lots of hills. Central and Western Kenya is based on the Kenyan Valley home to two of Africa's highest mountains, Mount Kenya and Mount Elgon.The Kakamega Forest is in western Kenya and is a copy of the East African rainforest. Much larger is Mau Forest, the largest forest in East Africa.

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