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The Southern Colonies.

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1 The Southern Colonies

2 Names of the Southern Colonies
Virginia Maryland North Carolina South Carolina Georgia

3 Reasons for Settlement
The founders of the Southern Colonies came to America seeking wealth in the form of land ownership.

4 Government The colonists had self-government. There was a general assembly that made laws and the English King had the final say. General assembly – The people who make, amend, or repeal laws.

5 Georgia Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe.
It was the 13th colony to be founded.

6 Why Georgia was Founded
Georgia was founded for two reasons: 1. A place to send England’s poor people who were in debtor prisons. 2. As a barrier between the Spanish in Florida and South Carolina.

7 Jamestown, Virginia Jamestown was the first permanent English colony established in America.

8 Geography of the Southern Colonies
Rivers Bays Wetlands Many areas with flat land and rich soil. Inland there are a lot of hills and forests.

9 Climate of the Southern Colonies
Warm Climate Hot summers Cold winters Humid Lots of sunny days Long growing season

10 Natural Resources fertile soil (rich farmland) fish ocean access
lumber (pine and hardwood forests) wetlands (or swamps) good coastal harbors navigable rivers

11 Farming & Products There were abundant crops of: Cotton Sugarcane
Tobacco Rice Indigo Indigo was important because it made a deep blue dye, which was put into large vats. Cotton and wool cloth was then added to color the material.

12 Farming & Products The demand was great for the Southern Colonies products. Cloth and tobacco were wanted throughout Europe. They also sold to other colonies but mostly to England and other European countries. Wheat, a little fish, timber, and furs were also products of the Southern Colonies.

13 Tobacco Plant

14 Jobs planters/farmers
indentured servants – Work for the things they need (food, water, housing, and clothes). slaves – People who are owned and controlled by someone. artisans/craftsman – welder, glassblower, or coppersmith.

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