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High School Calculus Program

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1 High School Calculus Program
Information Session for Prospective Students 2009 Academic Year Log on to Tegrity feed at: Please log in to Tegrity with your school name Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

2 Important Information
Please mute microphones during the presentations Please turn off cel phones – muting does not work, incoming calls produce audio interference with the conference system Log On to Tegrity feed at: Please log in to Tegrity with your school name Please save your questions for the Q&A period at the end or send them to us via the Tegrity text message system This program is being recorded on the Tegrity server Helpdesk – Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

3 Georgia Tech Distance Learning | 404-894-3378 |
Agenda Introduction – Dr. Nelson Baker, Vice Provost for Distance Learning & Professional Education – Interim Program Overview & Student/School Interaction with Georgia Tech – Dr. Baker Comments from Previous Students & Curricula Overview & Prerequisites – Dr. Tom Morley, Professor School of Mathematics Admissions/Scholarship Process – Rick Clark, Associate Director Undergraduate Admissions & Nancy Estes, Admissions Officer Financial Aid/Accell Program Process – Lisa Mitchem, Senior Associate Director Student Finance & Planning Closing Remarks/Questions Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

4 Georgia Tech Distance Learning | 404-894-3378 |
Introduction Program Overview Student/School Interaction with Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

5 Comments from Previous Students
“…Northview High School's Calculus students are making a shirt specifically for this class... I hope this goes to show you how much FUNNNNN we have in your class... it's a one of a kind experience~! =)” “I was in the DL class last year and am now an Architecture major. The class helped me so much, because, once I got to Tech, I no longer had to take math. This first semester, a lot of my friends didn't do so well taking both Studio and Calculus (1,2 or 3), but I had a leg up because I already got those out of the way… I really recommend the class to anyone.” Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

6 Prerequisites & Curricula Overview
Prerequisites:  (Math specific) AP Calculus Exam: AB  -- 4 or better BC --  3 or better These are the same requirements for students at Tech entering the calculus sequence at Calculus II (Math 1502) Overview: Math 1502 (Calculus II) Linear Algebra and Series Math 2401 (Calculus III) Multivariate Calculus More detail can be found at: Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

7 Admissions/Scholarship Success
100% admit rate 30% (66/200) selected as PS semis 740 Avg. Math SAT of applicants 3.93/4.0 Avg. GPA Students matriculate to Tech, Brown, NYU, Stanford, Emory, Princeton, etc. Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

8 Admission Requirements
3 AP BC Calc. Exam or 4 AP AB Calc. Exam 3.0 Cumulative GPA and 3.0 Math GPA 600 SAT Math or 26 ACT Math **Request Official AP and SAT and/or ACT scores be sent to GT (SAT Code 5248, ACT Code 0818) Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

9 Application Instructions
Download Application at: Mail application, transcripts, and $50 application fee directly to: Georgia Institute of Technology Office of Undergraduate Admissions Attn: Distance Calculus Coordinator Atlanta, GA Deadline is April 15, 2008 (postmarked) Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

10 Purpose Eligibility The Accel Program Classified as Junior/Senior
Joint Enrollment Program for High School Students Eligibility Classified as Junior/Senior Taking approved college degree-level coursework U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident Alien (12 months) Compliance with Selective Service (men only) Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

11 Georgia Tech Distance Learning | 404-894-3378 |
The Accel Program Value$$ Covers full tuition Approved GT fees Book allowance Impact HOPE Scholarship 127 paid hours limit Application Process Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

12 Georgia Tech Distance Learning | 404-894-3378 |
High School Contacts Cobb – James Pratt Forsyth – Dawn Souter Fulton – Lori Fanning Gwinnett – Janet Blanchette Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

13 Thank you! Any Questions?
Please wait to be called Un-mute your microphones Georgia Tech Distance Learning | |

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