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MIEL 2012 Title of Your Talk Author name(s) Affiliation.

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1 MIEL 2012 Title of Your Talk Author name(s) Affiliation

2 Purpose Assistance in slide preparation for an electronic presentation at the MIEL Conference Presentation template The contents of this file can be deleted and replaced with your presentation, or You may use your own template that generally should follow the rules applied here

3 Outline Introduction Recommendations for slide preparation Important dates Conclusion

4 Introduction This document is provided to assist you in preparing the presentation It is expected that all the presentations comply to a minimum requirements Presentation may appear well in your monitor, need not be so when projected The uniform quality of the presentations will be highly appreciated by the conference audience

5 Your Presentation File Your presentation file will be preloaded by the Conference Secretariat You can view the file in the breaks before your presentation, but Corrections are not allowed at the site Only one self-contained file per presentation is allowed Links to other files or Internet are not allowed

6 Recommended styles About 25 slides for Invited and 10-12 slides for Regular Papers Every slide should have a short clear title Maximum 10 lines of the text on each text slide with up to 10 words per line Instructions for Page Setup: Select the “On Screen Show” option Set the “Slide orientation” to “Landscape”

7 Recommended styles Use short phrases, avoid full sentences Preferably use Arial or similar visually- clear font Font size: At least 36 point for the titles 24-32 point for the text Colour contrast: Dark lettering/lines on a white background or Light lettering/lines on a dark background

8 Presentation Contrast High contrast is very important For text/drawings on dark background Foreground: White or yellow Background: Preferably dark blue For text/drawings on white background Foreground: Black or dark blue only Background: White

9 Display of slides Preferably, the contents of each of the slides should display instantly Do not use slow transition effects Any sound effects are highly undesirable Please avoid the animation effects

10 Slides with Figures Keep the figures and graphs simple and clearly visible Make the text in the figures readable Use at least 20pt font  For reasonable quality of scanned images use the scan pixel resolution of 100-150 dpi

11 Graph Example

12 Photograph Example

13 Important dates April 30: PowerPoint presentation file to be sent to the Conference Secretariat (E-mail: May 13-16: Conference sessions

14 Conclusion Keep your slide contents simple Send a clear message by every slide Use large fonts for clear visibility At least 36pt for titles and 24pt for details Use high contrast colours Highlight the results; no need to show all the contents of your paper

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