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Haw Creek ESOL Program 2013-2014 Ms. Kim Bolivar.

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1 Haw Creek ESOL Program Ms. Kim Bolivar

2 What is an ELL student? English Language Learner
Identified by home language survey, WAPT, or ACCESS score.

3 ESOL: English to Speakers of Other Languages
Students are identified through the Home Language Survey questions in the district’s registration forms Students are screened using the WIDA-ACCESS Placement Test (W-APT) at the Transition Services Office to determine if they are eligible for the ESOL program as an English Learner (EL) Parents receive a notification packet that provides district and school program information and the assessments used to determine their student’s eligibility ESOL teachers serve students to support their English skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing

4 WIDA is a consortium of states dedicated to the design and implementation of high standards and equitable educational opportunities for English language learners. World class Instructional Design and Assessment

5 Can Do Descriptors Accommodations
See the handout- this is a list of English Language Proficiency levels and the tasks that the ELL student can do according to his or her level. Very useful when grouping students or leveling for differentiation! Accommodations All teachers should have a copy of the TPC form for each ELL student and should be using the same accommodations in class as prescribed in the TPC form.

6 ACCESS for ELL's

7 Test Overview ACCESS = Assessing comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners Based on standards that form the core of the WIDA consortium’s approach to instructing and assessing English language learners in grades K-12

8 Test Overview Assess students’ English language proficiency in five areas: Social and Instructional Language (SI)‏ English Language Arts (LA)‏ Mathematics (MA)‏ Science (SC)‏ Social Studies (SS)‏ Secure assessment given annually during a specific testing window Used to satisfy state and federal requirements for the annual assessment of English language proficiency of English language learners

9 Test Overview Test forms are divided into clusters
Kindergarten (**Separate form)‏ Grades 1-2 Grades 3-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12 Each grade level, there is a test is four domains Listening Reading Writing Speaking Listening-Reading-Writing – Group Administered Speaking – Individually-administered, adaptive test scored by administrator Multiple choice items Performance Tasks – scored according to specific rubrics

10 Test Overview WIDA recognizes a continuum of language development within each domain with five proficiency levels The five levels overlap on 3 tiers of test forms (A, B, C)‏ 1 2 3 4 5 ENTERING BEGINNING DEVELOPING EXPANDING BRIDGING TIER A TIER B TIER C

11 Haw Creek ESOL Program A Brief Overview

12 Student Services Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grade students are eligible for 45 minutes a day Fourth and Fifth are eligible for up to two 50 minute segments daily Pull Out and Consult models are practiced Pull Out – ESOL teacher pulls students into a small group setting outside of their classroom. Consult- The ESOL teacher consults with the special education teacher to support the English Language Learner.

13 Learning Resources ESOL students are able to work from Home on Internet Resources. Clicks for the Classroom- On our school website, internet links that are beneficial to each learner are available for practice. STUDY ISLAND- Internet based standards review of all content areas (Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Science. MOBY MAX- This internet based program supports students with Math & Reading Interventions. Teachers will set up an account for this program

14 Why Choose to Have Your Child Receive ESOL Services?
ESOL services offer small group settings and a smaller teacher to student ratio than possible in the classroom. ESOL is more than language, it is about helping students access curriculum – it is beneficial for all students regardless of language backgrounds ESOL classes offer instruction specifically for English language learners. The resources & strategies we work on in our segments give specific support to the proficiency areas the learners need.

15 ESOL Program Goals: The ESOL teachers work in collaboration with classroom and other special programs teachers to support the acquisition of language and content skills. The ESOL program promotes each student's appreciation of their ability to perform a wide variety of intellectual and physical activities. The ESOL program encourages the student's positive recognition of a variety of cultures, recognizing similarities and differences

16 Federal Parent Advisory Committee
Understanding of the federal programs How to support student’s academic achievement Participate in learning opportunities for parents where relevant educational topics are discussed Parent recommendations for discussion Review federal funding and services for students, effective parenting practices, how to prepare for a Teacher-Parent conference, community resources, curriculum, grading and reporting, assessments, and requirements for high school graduation Members are asked to provide feedback from a parent’s perspective throughout the school year. WE NEED YOU- We are in need of one parent volunteer to represent Haw Creek on this committee.

17 Learning Resources Orton Gillingham & Phonics support
CAFÉ strategies- (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency & Vocabulary Expansion) Close Read Strategies with picture & chapter book studies Cross – Curricular Reading that supports Social Studies & Science conent Math Support/Review This program is flexible & we will spend time covering content that optimizes each child’s English Learning needs.

18 English Classes for Adults
Clases de ingles:

19 If I can assist you in any way or should you ever have any questions,
please do not hesitate to contact me Si, hablo espanol ext

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