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Renaissance and Reformation

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1 Renaissance and Reformation
Historical Figures Renaissance and Reformation

2 Niccolo Machiavelli Renaissance writer Lived in Florence, Italy
Author of The Prince Major concern was the acquisition, maintenance and expansion of political power as a means to restore and maintain order in his time

3 Leonardo da Vinci Italian Renaissance artist
Famous works include the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper Also talented in many other areas Considered the ideal “Renaissance Man”

4 Michelangelo Italian Renaissance artist and sculptor
Famous works include the Sistine Chapel ceiling and the statute of David

5 Petrach Often called the Father of Italian Renaissance Humanism
Sought forgotten Latin manuscripts Began the emphasis on the use of pure classical Latin

6 Dante Fourteenth century humanist writer who wrote in the vernacular
His masterpiece in the Italian language was the Divine Comedy

7 Erasmus Christian humanist writer
Called for translations of the Bible into the vernacular so the common people could read it for themselves Stated that Christianity should be a guiding philosophy of daily life

8 Zheng He Last of the great Chinese explorers
Brought exotic gifts to the Chinese emperor from as far away as Africa

9 Vasco da Gama First European to reach India by rounding the southern tip of Africa This allowed the Portuguese to control trade routes in the area. .

10 Christopher Columbus An Italian sailing under the flag of Spain, he set out to find a westward route from Spain to India. He helped establish a permanent European settlement on the island of Hispaniola and facilitated contact between Europe and the inhabitants of what would become the Americas. .

11 Ferdinand Magellan sailing under the flag of Spain, he was the first European to lead an expedition that successfully circumnavigated the earth. Magellan died in a battle in the Philippines and only a small number of his expedition actually made it home to Spain. .

12 James Cook . He and his crew would be the first persons in history who would cross the Antarctic Circle on the 17th of January 1773 iHe discovered the still unknown massive southern continent of Australia. . red: first voyage green: second voyage blue: third voyage

13 Samuel de Champlain . Sailing under the French flag, he established the first French Colony in what would become North America. His colony in New France was Quebec City. He remained its governor and was instrumental in establishing trade routes between France and New France. .

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