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Unit B Vocabulary Howard Middle School Earth Science 6 th grade.

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1 Unit B Vocabulary Howard Middle School Earth Science 6 th grade

2 1.Natural Resources - Any naturally occurring substance that is useful. 2.Renewable Resource - Materials such as water, plants, or animals that are naturally replenished by natural processes. 3.Non-renewable Resource - Materials such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, and many minerals that cannot be easily or quickly replaced by natural systems.

3 4. Crystal Shape - The shape of a crystal sample of a mineral, generally referred to by mineralogists as crystal habit. 5.Luster - The shininess of a mineral. 6.Property - The nature of a material, such as the physical qualities of color, hardness, state, density, and conductivity.

4 7.Fluorite - A mineral that can form octahedral crystals. 8.Crystalline Structure - The regular pattern of atoms, molecules, or ions in a crystal. 9.Geologist - Scientist who studies the earth and the changes that take place on and beneath its surface.

5 10. Mineral - A naturally occurring (solid) material that has a specific chemical composition and crystal form and characteristic physical properties. 11. Rock - A naturally occurring solid substance composed of one or more minerals. 12. Hardness – A property of objects, commonly measured on the Mohs scale.

6 13. Fracture - The tendency of a mineral to break along curved or irregular surfaces. 14. Cleavage - The tendency of a mineral to break along flat surfaces. 15. Rock Cycle – The continual processes that form and break down rocks, often resulting in the formation of one rock type from another.

7 16. Igneous – Rocks that have formed from the cooling of magma. 17. Magma – Molten rock found beneath the outer crust and inner core. 18. Metamorphic – A rock formed when another rock has been changed because of earths heat and/or pressure.

8 19. Sedimentary – A type of rock that is made up of sediments that have been cemented together, such as shale, sandstone, and limestone. 20. Model – Any representation of a system, or its components, to help one study and understand how it works. 21. Erosion – The earth process by which earth materials are removed from one place and transported elsewhere.

9 22.Sediment – Small bits of decomposed earth materials such as rocks, minerals, and shells. 23.Geological Time – Periods of thousands, millions, and billions of years. 24. Manufactured – Made by humans, typically in a factory. Synthetic.

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