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Unit B: Rocks and Minerals

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1 Unit B: Rocks and Minerals
Test Review Earth Science Howard Middle School

2 Rocks and Minerals Which of the following statements is TRUE?
All minerals are made of rocks. All rocks are made of minerals. Rocks and minerals are the same. The properties of a mineral depend on The type of mineral. The size of the mineral. The number of minerals.

3 Rocks and Minerals An example of a property of a mineral is
How common it is. Where it is found. How it reacts with acid. How much it costs. Which of the following statements is TRUE? Rocks can break down into sediments. New rocks form over time. Rocks can change from sedimentary to metamorphic.

4 Rocks and Minerals The rock cycle describes how rocks
Change over time. Are formed. Are broken down. Which one of the following words is used to classify rocks based on how they were formed? Igneous Granite Mineral Transparent

5 Rocks and Minerals Galena Hematite Magnetite Hardness 2.5 6.5 6 Color
Silvery gray Red to black Black Magnetism Not magnetic Magnetic

6 Rocks and Minerals Based on the table, which mineral is the hardest?
Which of the minerals could not be scratched by the other minerals? Which property would be the most useful in telling hematite and magnetite apart? Explain why you chose this property. Explain why you did not choose each of the other properties.

7 Rocks and Minerals Hallie finds a dark stone. It is not magnetic. Name at least three things she could do to help identify it. What is the rock cycle? In your explanation, be sure to describe how the three major types of rocks are formed.

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