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Title I Overview Karen E. Joslin, NBCT Literacy Specialist.

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1 Title I Overview Karen E. Joslin, NBCT Literacy Specialist

2 Provides federal funding to economically disadvantaged schools. A disadvantaged school is defined as one falling below the communitys poverty line. The poverty line is determined by the average number of free and reduced lunches served at each school in the district.

3 1965- Began as part of the Great Society Program of President Lyndon B. Johnson. This Law was called ESEA or the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Intent was to provide services to students who had needs that were not being addressed in other programming- not handicapped but not working on grade level. Services focused on all grades: K-12. Has been known as Title I and Chapter I. In 2001 it became known as No Child Left Behind. Currently the Common Core Curriculum, assessments and new benchmark achievement levels are tied into ESEA funds.

4 Shift from pull out programs to the inclusion model of instruction. Shift from Targeted programs to School- wide programs. Shift from K-12 instruction to K-5 instruction. –Current shift toward K-3 instruction. Shift from remediation to acceleration. Shift from skill based instruction to Common Core components: Reading Literature, Reading Informational Texts, Foundational Skills, Writing, Speaking/Listening, and Language.

5 Haw Creek Title I Program How the money is used… 1 Title I teacher- –BA in K-5 education, minor in theatre arts –Reading Certification –National Board Certification in Literacy Title I Assistants –1 certified teacher –1 has a masters in counseling –1 has a degree in Spanish –3 have worked as teaching assistants in the regular classroom STAR (Students Thinking and Reading) Groups providing instructional level reading groups in every classroom Literacy Intervention in Kindergarten-3 rd grade Words Their Way instructional spelling groups 3-5 Math support for grades 3-5 After School Tutorials Summer Library and Book Mobil Parent Involvement Workshops Take Home Programs Staff Development

6 Materials Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Library Benchmark Leveled Library Leveled Literacy Intervention Kits Comprehension Kits Words Their Way and Fundations Materials Classroom Libraries Assessments –Benchmark Assessments –QRI 4 Assessment –DRA2 Assessment Professional Materials for Classrooms –Literacy Continuum –Gretchen Courtney Comprehension Strategy books –Words Their Way –Comprehending Math –Pathways to the Common Core

7 Each classroom is divided into at least 4 reading groups. Groups meet daily for reading instruction. One day a week may be reserved for guided spelling groups. Use texts that are on the students instructional reading level. Use spelling words that are on the students instructional spelling level. Support Science and Social Studies units whenever possible. Support comprehension strategy work with supportive texts and lessons. Support teachers during conferences and in the referral processes. Meet with teachers during common planning time to share materials that supports their whole group, guided and independent reading blocks. Title I personnel are used for all group levels. STAR Groups- Students Thinking and Reading

8 Parent School Compact Annual Meeting Requesting Qualifications School-wide Planning Team Workshops Take Home Materials Workshop Evaluation Program Evaluation Annual review of policy »The entire plan can be found on the Haw Creek Website under the Parent Tab.

9 September 13 th - Annual Meeting October 18 th - Reading Night November 15 th - Game Night/ Frog Games March 14 th- Technology Night April 11 th- EOG Night May (TBA)- Transition Night Support Grade Level Curriculum Nights On going Video Streaming on web site Words Their Way sorts Comprehension strategies Investigations strategies

10 QuestionsQuestions

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