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Science Helping with the ….. What’s When’s Why’s How?

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1 Science Helping with the ….. What’s When’s Why’s How?

2 GCSE Additional Science 11S2-4 Exam dates BiologyB2 = 25% Tues 12 th May ChemistryC2 = 25% Thurs 14 th May PhysicsP2 = 25% Wed 20 th May ISA25% Focus on equal amounts of revision for all areas Use exercise books, revision guides + web MyBigCampus for past papers Teachers can mark these & feedback Revision sessions at lunches Mock exam in January to decide tiers of entry Opportunity for GCSE Core re-sit

3 GCSE Separate Sciences BiologyChemistryPhysics B1 (25%) Fri 5 th June C1 (25%) Tues 9 th June P1 (25%) Fri 12 th June B2 (25%) Tues 12 th May C2 (25%) Thur 14 th May P2 (25%) Wed 20 th May B3 (25%) Tues 12 th May C3 (25%) Thur 14 th May P3 (25%) Wed 20 th May ISA (25%) Friday lunchtime sessions for B1, C1 & P1 Need to organise time to revisit these notes (year 9!) Mock exam in January to confirm tiers of entry Use MBC for past papers, students or staff can mark B3, C3 & P3 papers on MBC

4 Equipment Black pen/s Sharp pencil Ruler Protractor Eraser Calculator gcse-science---1830481

5 Exam questions! State/recall Describe (say what happens, show relationship) Explain (this means include the science behind what happens) Calculate Predict Interpret/Suggest Some questions will come in an experiment form 6 mark QWC questions Chemistry & Physics have data sheets to be used DEMANDDEMAND

6 What you can do to help Help to organise a revision timetable Ask them to explain their learning o Use PEEL o Make a p oint e.g. Leaves have a bigger surface area so more light can fall on them o Add e vidence (if data available) e.g. o E xplain e.g. this is so that the plant gets for light for photosynthesis, which helps them to make more glucose o L ink e.g. plants will use the glucose in respiration, to build into starch which is stored. These processes help the plant to grow. Encourage them to use suggested weblinks Use past papers & markschemes on MBC Test them using revision guide

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