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Mayans, Aztecs, and the Incas

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1 Mayans, Aztecs, and the Incas
Chapter 5 Mayans, Aztecs, and the Incas

2 Section 1- The Maya


4 Mesoamerica Stretches from the central part of Mexico south to include part of northern Central America Basically- Mexico and Central America


6 Geography and Early Maya
Thick tropical forests Cleared to farm Main crop was Maize- Corn Forest provided resources Food Deer, rabbits, and monkey Building Materials Trees and other plants Lived in small villages

7 The Classic Age Height of civilization 250-900 AD Linked through trade
40 Large cities No single ruler Linked through trade Trade routes Built temples and pyramids In Palenque, Pacal built a temple to record his achievements

8 The Classic Age CONT… Built Canals Terraces
Used to get water into places where none existed Terraces Turning a hillside into stair steps for farming

9 Maya Culture Social Structure Religion

10 Social Structure King Upper Class Lower Class Highest position
Priests, rich merchants, and noble warriors Lower Class Everyday people Did the farming, cooking, cleaning, hunting

11 Religion Worshiped Many Gods Blood prevented disasters Sun god
Moon god Blood prevented disasters Sacrifices Offering of blood- Piercing

12 Achievements Observatories Calendars Writing system
365 260 Writing system Created amazing works of art

13 Decline of Maya Many possible reasons Lower class rebels More warfare
Not enough food Drought Or even a mix of several of these reasons



16 Section 2- The Aztecs



19 Building of an Empire Farmers who migrated from the north
War was a key factor to rise in Aztec power Received goods from conquered people Gold, cotton, food Huge trade networks

20 Tenochtitlan

21 Causeways

22 Canals and Chinampas

23 Life in the Aztec Empire
Society Religion and Warfare Cultural Achievements

24 Society Aztec Emperor- Highest power Upper class
Attended to law, trade, tribute, and warfare Upper class Tax collectors, judges and government officials You were born into this class Upper Middle class- highly respected Warriors and priests Middle Class Merchants and Artisans Lower class Farmers and laborers

25 Religion Worshiped many gods Human Sacrifices
Believed to control nature and human activities Human Sacrifices Done to please the gods Most victims captives or slaves 10,000 a year An average of people a day!!!!!

26 Cultural Achievements
Art and Beauty Fine stone pyramids and statues Used gold, gems, and bright feathers to make jewelry and masks Embroidered clothing Knowledge Astronomy Historical records Riddles

27 Cortes Conquers the Aztecs
Late 1400s the conquistadors arrive in the Americas Montezuma II cautiously welcomes them Gives gold and other gifts Cortez takes him prisoner anyways Montezuma II killed Conquistadors driven out Conquistadors return Gathered help Brought better army and weapons Cannons, armor, swords Aztecs fall to smallpox






33 Section 3- The Incas


35 The Incas Create an Empire
Same time as Aztecs South America Begin in small tribe in Andes Mountains Cuzco became their capital

36 Central Rule Did not want conquered people to have to much power
New leaders Trained children Official Language Quechua All official business had to be done in this language

37 Well Organized Economy
Strictly controlled Each household told what to do Everything went to the empire Rations were divided by the government

38 Life in the Inca Empire Social Division Religion Achievements

39 Social Divisions Two main classes Upper Class Lower Class
Emperor, government officials, and priests Lived in the best houses Wore the best clothes Lower Class Farmers, artisans, and servants Plain clothes By law could not own more than needed

40 Religion Rulers related to the sun god Sacrificed animals (lamas)
Believed they never really died Sacrificed animals (lamas)

41 Achievements Master builders Art
Cut stone so well they needed no mortar Major network of roads Art Pots Gold and silver jewelry

42 Pizarro Conquers the Incas
Atahualpa went to meet the conquistadors They attacked Atahualpa gave them a room of gold They killed him anyway Spain took over and ruled for the next 300 years





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