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Welcome! The Topic For Today Is Word Processing and Desktop Publishing.

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1 Welcome! The Topic For Today Is Word Processing and Desktop Publishing

2 Word Processing and Desktop Publishing VocabularyDTPWord Processing Social and Ethical Mix it Up 200 400 600 800 1000 Bonus Question: 5000 pts

3 Vocabulary: 200 Question: character formatting includes changing the font, color, strikethrough, or shadow; the way the text appears on the page Answer What is Formatting ?

4 Vocabulary: 400 Question: consists of words, letters, numbers, and other symbols Answer What is text?

5 Vocabulary: 600 Question: the word processing feature that checks your document for grammatical errors Answer What is Grammar Check ?

6 Vocabulary: 800 Question: a feature used to automatically locate and correct spelling errors Answer What is Spell Check?

7 Vocabulary: 1000 Question: Portable Document Format; format for sending files via web and viewing without editing Answer What is a PDF?

8 DTP: 200 Question: the placement of text or graphics on a line (right, left, center, or justified) Answer What is alignment ?

9 DTP 2: 400 Question: a feeling of equality of weight, attention, or attraction of the various elements within a production as a means of accomplishing unity Answer What is Balance?

10 DTP: 600 Question: maintaining the same layout and style throughout the publication; i.e. fonts, colors, spacing, graphic elements, etc. Answer What is Consistency?

11 DTP: 800 Question: small publication (3 ½ x 2 inches) containing information such as name, title, business, address, phone numbers, logo Answer What is Business card?

12 DTP: 1000 Question: The meaning of WYSIWYG Answer What is a editor or program that allows users to see what the end result will look like while the interface or document is being created "what you see is what you get"

13 Word Processing: 200 Question: the use of a computer and specialized software to write, edit, format, print, and save text Answer Word processing software

14 Word Processing: 400 Question: The same text that appears at the top and bottom of every page or every other page in a document Answer What is Header and Footer?

15 Word Processing: 600 Question: The distance between the edge of the text in the document and top, bottom, or side edges of the page Answer What are Margins?

16 Word Processing: 800 Question: Location in a document where one page ends and another begins Answer What is Page Break?

17 Word Processing: 1000 Question: The distinctive design of a set of type, distinguished from its weight, posture, and type size Answer What is Typeface?

18 Social and Ethical: 200 Question: The issue that arises when the wrong information is inputted into a flyer brochure, business card, and ect. Answer What is Reliability?

19 Social and Ethical: 400 Question: The interaction of a special needs person inputting or out putting information through the use of speech enabled software. Answer What is People and Machines?

20 Social and Ethical : 600 Question: An writing placing legally protections on their publications used by creating DTP or Word Processing software Answer What is intellectual property?

21 Social and Ethical: 800 Question: People over seas not having access to publications in the US Answer What is equality of access?

22 Social and Ethical: 1000 Question: Global newsletters created for one business informing different branches of what is going on in other parts of the world Answer What is Globalization and cultural diversity?

23 Everything: 200 Question: American standard code for information interchange Answer What is ASCII/Unicode?

24 Everything: 400 Question: formatted document that contains placeholder text that you replace with your own Answer Template

25 Everything: 600 Question: RTF stands for Rich Text Format. RTF is the file format used by many word processing applications, it retains formatting that the basic.txt file does not rich text format Answer What is RTF?

26 Everything: 800 Question: A booklet or pamphlet that contains descriptive information or advertising Answer What is a Brochure?

27 Everything: 1000 Question: A family of alphabetic characters, numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols that share a consistent design; often used synonymously with typeface Answer What is Font?

28 Bonus Question: 5000 pts. Question: Lightly shaded text or image placed in the background or embedded in some paper stock Answer What is Watermark?

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