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What makes humans unique?

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1 What makes humans unique?
Culture What makes humans unique?

2 1. What is Culture? Is the set of Beliefs, Values, and Practices that a group of people have in common.

3 2. How many aspects of life does Culture have?
Language Religion

4 3. What part of culture is found in everyday life?
Clothes Food

5 4. What are Culture Traits?
Activities and behaviors in which people often take part in.

6 5. Give Examples of Culture Traits:
1. Language Many Culture traits are Shared

7 5. Examples of Culture Traits:
2. Sports Many Culture traits are Shared

8 6. What is the World’s most popular Sport?
Football What we Americans call “SOCCER”

9 7. How and where are culture traits developed?
Many cultural traits develop in the families and are passed down from one generation to the next.

10 8. How are some Culture Traits passed within Society?
Through Laws and Moral Codes.

11 9. What are Culture Regions?
Areas in the World in which people have many shared culture traits.

12 10. What are a group of people who share a common culture and ancestry

13 11. What is Cultural Diversity?
An Area where a variety of cultures are living together.

14 12. How Ideas Spread? 1st Way. The Spread of the culture traits from one region to another is called Cultural Diffusion.

15 Acculturation 13. How Ideas Spread? 2nd Way.
Is the ACCEPTING and BORROWING of TRAITS from one CULTURE into another. Acculturation

16 14. What is a Melting Pot? A place or a country that is willing to accept and welcome a wide variety of people and cultural groups. The place does not discriminate and allows these groups to practice and keep the customs of their Homeland.

17 15. What makes each and everyone of us Unique.
From the clothes we wear. The food we eat. The religions we worship. The language we speak. The sports we play. The places where we live. Culture is in every aspect of our lives.

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