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Class Project Mr.McEwen

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1 Class Project Mr.McEwen
PERSONAL BUDGET Class Project Mr.McEwen

2 Introduction Make a Household Budget
Use the Basic Math Skills Necessary to Make a Balanced Budget Valuable Life Skill

3 Overview Try to make a monthly budget
Explain how all the individual costs fit together for financial wellness Realistic as possible Job Rent Bill Food Car Gas Fun Misc Edu

4 Income List the income by: The amounts allotted to each grade.
Hourly wages Monthly wages The amounts allotted to each grade. A: $40/hour B: $ 32/hour C: $24/hour D: $16/hour F: $8/hour

5 Income Gross income State Taxes Federal Taxes SDI FICA Net income

6 Household Expense Taxes* Mortgage *
Food * $5/meal, 3 meals/day, 30 day/mo Heating/Cooling @ $0.35 per sq ft * Phone – land line $96 (Modesto) Transportation* * indicates a must have

7 Optional Expenses Car Payments Credit Cards – payment only
Gas Maintenance Insurance Credit Cards – payment only Entertainment Satellite TV Movies

8 Summary Want Income as Hourly & Monthly
Want a List of Monthly Expenses Want a Total of Monthly Expenses Want a Income/Expense Comparison Monthly Yearly No negative balances Conclusion – What have you learned?

9 Internet Information Government websites have current SDI & FICA deductions. Look up current Federal & State Taxes Workman’s comp costs You may look up property costs in other states There are sites with minimum costs for expenses Need a list of each website for references

10 Where to Get More Information
Modesto Bee Internet sites PG& Google Parent/Guardian

11 Budget Example

12 Conclusion Page Conclusion must be about a page in length
Should be typed and double spaced Need to explain what you have learned from this exercise Want to include what kind of job would be needed to earn your dollar amount Where you would have to live Realistic earns max points.

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