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Name Date Period October Arrangement- Symmetrical.

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1 Name Date Period October Arrangement- Symmetrical

2 Materials Needed 1 glass ivy bowl 3 stems Leatherleaf fern 2 stems Mini Carnation 3 stems assorted Spray Mums 2 stems lemon leaf 1 piece Apsidopstra (?) 1/3 brick floral foam 2 stems Monte Casino (approx)

3 Equipment to be used: Floral snips

4 Steps involved: Container Preparation 1.Insert foam, fill container with water. 2.Place a salal leaf around the container in order to hide the floral foam.

5 Greening 1.Separate side stems from main stem of Leatherleaf fern. 2.Strip leaves off lower 1 of stem to be inserted in foam and give clean cut. 3. Insert tallest fern in the center of the foam to create the top point of the triangle. 4.Insert 2 equal stems in the side of the foam for the 2 side points of the triangle. 5.Insert smaller pieces throughout to hide the foam on the front and back. No foam should be showing!

6 Flowers 6.Insert tightest Mini Carnation in center of foam to continue top point of triangle. Mini Carnation should be ½ shorter than Leatherleaf Fern. 7.Insert a tight Mini Carnation on each side of the arrangement to continue to side points of the triangle, ½ shorter than Leatherleaf Fern. 8.Insert most open Mini Carnations low and centered in the arrangement for the focal point. 9.Separate longer side stems of Spray Mums, leave shorter stems in tact, give all stems a clean cut. 10.Insert stems in foam angled from center out toward sides of triangle. 11.No flowers should be touching or overlapping.

7 Finishing Touches/Final Considerations –Does it look crowded? –Is it symmetrical? Did you indeed form an equilateral triangle? –Is your leatherleaf too far above the top carnation? –Does it look like something you would buy?

8 Mini Carnation Spray Mum Drawing

9 Scoring Arrangement Score: / 20 Points Possible Lab Write-up: /10 Points Possible

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