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AP Physics March 5.

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1 AP Physics March 5

2 IN: If the distance between two positive point charges is tripled, then the strength of the electrostatic repulsion between them will decrease by a factor of 3 6 8 9 12

3 Objective: To understand: Success Criteria:
Electric field Success Criteria: Be able to calculate electric forces and fields

4 Electric Field

5 Electric Field E = Fe qo Fe = kqq r2 E = kq

6 Electric Field Direction: The direction of the force a positive charge would feel. Strength: E=kq r2

7 Conducting spheres Electric field is zero everywhere inside the conducting material All excess charge is found on the surface of the material. The electric field just outside the conductor s perpendicular to the surface. Charge accumulates at points

8 Electric field between two plates
Between two plates (except at the edges) the electric field is uniform.

9 An airplane is flying through a thundercloud at a height of 2 000 m
An airplane is flying through a thundercloud at a height of m. If there are charge concentrations of C at a height of m within the cloud and −40.0 C at a height of 1000 m, what is the electric field at the aircraft? at the aircraft?

10 Electric field lines Lines begin on positive charges and end on negative. The number of lines leaving a positive charge or ending on a negative is proportional the the magnitude of the charge. No lines can cross eachother Lines are perpendicular to the surface of the conductor


12 Draw the field lines around two charges:
positive charge of 1 Coulomb and negative charge of .5 Coulombs. Two negative charges 1 Coulomb and 2 Coulombs


14 Robert Millikan Oil Drop experiment Measured charge to mass
ratio of electron Published in 1913 Nobel prize 1932

15 Millikan oil-drop experiment
qE = mg q/m=g/E qe= -1.6x10-19



18 Electrostatic problem set

19 Out:  +Q P -Q  The figure above shows two point charges, +Q and –Q. If the negative charge were absent, the electric field at point P due to +Q would have strength E. With –Q in place, what is the strength of the total electric field at P, which lies at the midpoint of the line segment joining the charges? E/4 E/2 E 2E

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