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Cells in response to concentrations

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1 Cells in response to concentrations
Problem: How does hypertonic and hypotonic solution affect the shape of a cell? Background: Osmosis— Diffusion– Hypertonic-- Hypotonic— Isotonic--

2 Hypothesis:

3 Procedure: 1. Get one full elodea leaf. Cut the leaf into 3 parts to make 3 slides. On one slide put tap water, one slide distilled water, and one slide salt water. Observe under microscope, use high power. (make sure you start on low, etc.) Draw what you see for each slide.

4 Data : Data Analysis: (Describe what you see relative to the problem)
Elodea Cells Tap Distilled water Salt water Data Analysis: (Describe what you see relative to the problem)

5 Conclusion: (Purpose) (The data showed…) (Explanation for the data…) (Errors…) (To improve the experiment) (Related experiments or questions…)

6 The purpose of this lab was to see the effects of different concentrations on the shape of cheek cells.

7 The data showed that the cheek cells shriveled in the salt water, and got larger and rounder in the distilled water.

8 An explanation for the data is that in the hypertonic solution, the water in the cells was pulled out because there was a higher concentration of water in the cell than in the salt water. In the hypotonic solution, water went into the cell because there was a greater concentration of water outside of the cell than in the cell. So water moved from a high to a low concentration.

9 Errors that may have occurred are there may have been cross contamination, causing the cells to shrivel or grow, contrary to what they would have done without contamination.

10 To improve this lab, we could have looked at the cells as we added the different concentrations of water, so that we could actually see the changes that are occuring as they are happening.

11 This relates to the objectives because it showed what effects different concentrations of water have on the size and shape of a cell. It also helped me to understand what hypertonic, hypotonic, and isotonic solutions are.

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