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Welcome to Parent Orientation! Fall Session August 22 – January 19

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1 Welcome to Parent Orientation! Fall Session August 22 – January 19
Ms. Arner’s VPK Class 2011 Welcome to Parent Orientation! Fall Session August 22 – January 19

2 Welcome To VPK at Lost Lake Elementary!

3 Spelling of student name
Before We Begin Please sign in VPK handbook Student info sheet Spelling of student name

4 About Me My Background The University of Central Florida
I am K-6, Pre-k -3rd , ESOL, and Exceptional Student Education Certified 2 Children – Kindergarten and 6th My Experience This is my sixth year teaching, first time for Pre-K 5 prior kindergarten years All of my experience is here in Clermont

5 Teacher Assistant Mrs. Hill Certified Paraprofessional
Lost Lake Elementary Teacher Assistant since 2001 6 years in kindergarten This is Mrs. Hill’s fifth year in VPK

6 My Goals To give your child the academic and social skills they need to be successful lifelong learners. To provide a enjoyable, nurturing and developmentally appropriate classroom environment. To establish a parent teacher partnership that will benefit your child.

7 VPK Curriculum Handbook page - 3
High Scope – an active learning approach Five essential components What do children need? No grades – handbook page

8 What we do all day Handbook page - 4
Music/movement Language Arts - phonics, phonemic awareness, reading, writing Learning Centers - math, fine motor skills, themes, independent investigation and exploration Outdoor Play – gross motor skills Small Group Time – reinforcing skills, teacher led activities Learning how to communicate effectively Learning how to socialize effectively Learning how to be independent Clothing-snaps, buttons, lacing Daily routine/procedures Eating Restroom breaks Specials

9 Enrichment/Specials 9 day rotation Fine Arts Technology PE Coach Henry
Media PE Coach Moose Science

10 Classroom Schedule 8:00-8:15 -Arrival 8:00-8:25 -Snack – social time
8:25-8: School news and deskercise 8:40-9: Morning meeting/circle, music and movement and calendar 9:15-9: Large group – story time 9:30-9: Small group – reinforce concept/lesson 9:50-10: Outdoor gross motor skills/recess 10:20-10: Bathroom break/drinks/wash 10:40-10: Story, language arts 10:51-11: Lunch 11:21-11: Quiet independent exploration/reading 11:55-1: Plan, Do, Review (center time) 1:00-1: Clean up, transition to enrichment 1:10-1: Enrichment 1:55-2: Closing circle 2:15-2: Snack 2:30-2: Pack up/ Dismissal

11 Attendance Handbook page - 5
Please arrive between 8:00 and 8:15 Absence notes Pre-arranged absences for more than 3 days Monthly Verifications If you arrive after the tardy bell you must get a tardy slip from the office Dismissals begin at 2:50 (Wednesdays at 1:50) Consistency is key!


13 What if my child is sick? Handbook page - 6
Please me and call the school if your child will be absent from school If your child becomes sick at school, the nurse will contact you Health Guidelines – fever free without medication for 24 hours

14 Medication Handbook page - 7
Prescription medication may be administered at school by school nurse only. Parents must submit proper paperwork (you can obtain from Nurse Kathy). Please do not send medication with child. (No chap stick or lip gloss)

15 Classroom Behavior Our classroom is a community. We are all here to respect and help each other. Emphasis on self-discipline and making good choices Our class manners are: Wait your turn Use polite words Listen carefully Cooperate with others Show your appreciation Give compliments

16 Behavior Management Daily communication in folder. Green = Great Day!
Yellow = So So Day Red = Not So Good Day There will be NO REDS for the first month of school. Rewards (M&M’s, Stickers, treasure box) and positive praise Daily communication in folder. Negative consequence Time out Loss of rewards VPK Discipline Policy Handbook page - 8

17 Transportation Handbook page - 9
Car Rider AM drop off from 8:00-8:15 in daycare bus area PM pickup at 2:50 in daycare bus area Must display card in windshield – PINK you may pick up tonight Must be authorized to pick up child Please remain in your car Buses Authorized adult with ID must be with the child at the bus stop Pre-K students sit at the front of the bus Transportation card Bus Guidelines Daycare bus

18 Lunch Procedures Time – 10:51-11:21
Students eat in cafeteria with an assistant May bring lunch from home May purchase lunch from school $1.75/$0.40 for reduced students Parents may send lunch money in child’s folder (please label), or… Set up an account on Free/reduced lunch applications

19 Snacks Be sure to eat a good breakfast at home!
On the 1st of every month please send in a healthy snack for 40 students – I will remind you! Peanut FREE school – please do not send in snacks with nuts Must be in store bought package Morning snack time Afternoon snack time

20 Folders Daily communication log please sign daily
Please review and retain completed work Reinforce teacher comments Please send all important notes and money in a labeled envelope – Ms. Arner and student name Homework

21 Extra clothes – labeled Ziploc bag
Labeled backpack/lunchbox/water bottle No pull ups No Rest mats/blankets Scholastic book orders Monthly calendar

22 Uniform school Khaki, navy blue, or black pants, shorts, capris, dresses or jumpers. Polo shirts – white, light blue, navy blue, pink or hunter green. Friday only – jeans, Lost Lake T-shirt or ANY color polo Close toe shoes

23 Ways to Help Volunteer Donations
PTO sign up tonight Complete and return volunteer form with copy of driver’s license Field trips/in class volunteers Interested in being a room mom? Special talents, hobbies, interests? Donations Gift cards for classroom supplies and food Craft supplies Treasure box prizes ($1 store) stickers, M&M’s Tissues, paper plates, wipes, paper cups, extra snacks, crayons, large pencils, umbrellas, dry erase markers, gallon size Ziploc bags Take an apple from the “Giving Tree”

24 Meet the Teacher Tomorrow, Thursday 10-11 am Bring your child 
Vendors Transportation No open house next week

25 Paperwork Please fill out and return today:
VPK Parent Agreement (last page in your handbook) Student Info Sheet Please indicate how your child will arrive and go home the first day, and for the rest of the year.

26 Thank you!

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