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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare.

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2 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare

3 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Verona, Italy 1500’s


5 1.Sampson, Gregory, Abram, and Balthasar are all ___________. 2._____________ bites his thumb at Abram and Balthasar. 3.The biting of the thumb is considered an ______________ gesture. 4.Gregory decides to start a fight because he thought that it was going to be 3 on 2.

6 5.______________ tries to __________ the fight. 6.Tybalt comes in and thinks that ____________. 7.A brawl ensues. 8.The Prince informs everyone that ______________________________

7 9.Lady Montague asks about ___________. 10.Romeo is ______________ And locks himself in his room. 11.Romeo Confesses to Benvolio that he is in __________. 12.But she swears that she will live ___________.

8 13.Benvolio tells Romeo to just ____________ Scene 2 14. ____________ wants to ______________. 15. He sends a servant with the invitations 16. The servant can’t ____________. 17. He asks ___________ for help.

9 18.Romeo “loves” _______________, she will be at the party. 19.The guys decide to crash the party. 20.______________ is invited because he is related to ________________. 21.Romeo says that the sun _____________. 22.Benvolio asks him to ________________ his love to other ________________.

10 23.The Nurse is a _______________ character. 24.The ______________ is closer to Juliet because __________________. 25.Lady Capulet and the Nurse talk about ______________. 26.Juliet’s reaction is ___________________.

11 27.Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio are on their way to the ___________. 28.Mercutio tells Romeo not to give in to love. 29.On page 690 line 106 Romeo says _____________. 30.This is an example of _______________.

12 31.Capulet says that the women that do not dance have __________________. 32.Romeo spots Juliet in the crowd. 33.Tybalt tells _____________ that Romeo is _______________. 34.__________ Tells Tybalt to ______________.

13 35.On page 693, lines 88-92 Tybalt vows ______________. 36.Romeo Makes his way to Juliet and they ______________. 37.They do not know ______________. 38.Romeo and Juliet learn _____________.

14 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act II

15 1.Romeo hides from Mercutio and Benvolio. 2.Mercutio tries to call Romeo by mentioning different parts of _____________ body.

16 3.Romeo compares Juliet to the _______ and says that the __________ is jealous of her. 4.“Oh Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Translates to ___________. 5. Juliet can not see _____________. 6.Juliet says that it is only his __________ which is her enemy.

17 A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

18 7.Juliet wants to know who is talking to her. 8.Romeo says that he now hates his name. 9.Juliet asks Romeo to Change his _________. 10.Juliet swears that she did not mean to move _____________.

19 11.Juliet asks Romeo to swear on ________. 12.Romeo asks Juliet to _____________. 13.Juliet replies that she ____________.


21 14.The Friar likes to work with herbs and other plants. 15.The Friar asks Romeo if he was with __________. 16.Romeo Tells the Friar that his heart is set on ___________. 17.The Friar agrees to Marry them because _____________.

22 18.Mercutio says that Romeo is already dead because ______________. 19.Mercutio and Benvolio notice that Romeo is _____________. 20.When Romeo says “A Sail Sail” he is comparing the Nurse to a ___________. 21.Romeo tells The Nurse that they will marry ____________.

23 22.The Nurse avoids Juliet’s question. 23.The Nurse tells her that she should go to ___________ in order to get married. 24.The Nurse will then get a ladder so that ___________.

24 25.The Friar says “These violent delights have violent ends” This means ____________. 26.He Marries Romeo and Juliet.

25 Romeo and Juliet Act III

26 1.Benvolio warns Mercutio that they should leave in order to avoid trouble. 2.Mercutio is ready to ____________. 3.Mercutio tried to pick a fight with __________. 4.Romeo comes in and meets Tybalt face to face.

27 5.Romeo refuses to fight with Tybalt because ____________. 6.Mercutio calls Romeo a ___________. 7.Mercutio and Tybalt fight. 8.Mercutio ___________. 9.Romeo vows revenge. 10.Romeo Kills ______________.

28 11.Lady Capulet says that ___________ killed Tybalt. 12.The Prince decides to _____________ Romeo.

29 Dramatic Irony. –When the audience has information that the characters in the play do not have. Romeo and Juliet are married. Romeo is not in love with Rosaline. Tybalt is Romeo’s cousin-in-law.

30 13.Juliet was told that Tybalt is dead and Romeo is banished. 14.Juliet takes ____________ side. 15.She threatens to ______________. 16.The Nurse will go get Romeo at ________________.

31 17.Romeo is told that he has been banished. 18.He says that he would rather be __________. 19.“Mad men have no ears” means ___________. 20.“Thou canst not speak of that thou dost not feel.” Means _________________.

32 21.Romeo threatens to ______________. 22.He is told to go see Juliet and to go to Mantua until he learns that everything is resolved. 23.Capulet promises Paris that _______________. 24.They will marry ______________.

33 25.Romeo sees Juliet and leaves before morning to Mantua. 26.Juliet is told that _________________. 27.She refuses. 28.Capulet threatens to _____________ Juliet. 29.The Nurse suggests that Juliet should _____________.

34 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act IV

35 1.The Friar suggests a plan to Juliet. 2.The plan is ___________ (leave plenty of space). 3.Juliet takes the potion. 4.Everyone thinks that Juliet is dead, but the audience knows that she is not. This is an example of _______________.

36 5.Juliet tells Capulet that she will marry Paris. 6.She takes the _________________. 7.The Nurse finds ________________. 8.The family places Juliet in the ______________.

37 The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Act V

38 1.Romeo gets word that _______________. 2.Romeo buys some ___________ from the ______________. 3.He says that money is ______________. 4.Friar Lawrence finds out that __________.

39 5.Paris goes to the grave to visit Juliet. 6.Romeo tells his servant, __________ to leave. 7.___________ kills ___________. 8.Romeo thinks Juliet is dead and _________ himself.


41 List the people that die in the play and explain how each of them come to their death. How does Romeo change during the course of the play? What characters are to blame for this tragedy and why?

42 Did Romeo and Juliet love each other? Was it love that led to their death? Why or Why not. Support your answer with events from the play. Change an event in the play that would change the ending of the story. Explain in detail what the new ending of the play will be.

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