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Mrs. Strattons Third Grade Class Welcome, parents!

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1 Mrs. Strattons Third Grade Class Welcome, parents!

2 All About Me My background I grew up in South Point, OH I graduated from The University of Kentucky I have bachelors degree in Primary Ed. K-3 My experience I taught 1½ years at Skeen Elementary in Leesburg, FL I taught 13 years at Astatula Elementary in Astatula, FL This is my 16 th year teaching and I am happy to be at Sawgrass Bay Elementary!

3 My Family My husband Aaron My children Brock – 5 th grader Lyric – 3rd grader Our pets No pets, no time!

4 My Goals To give your child the academic and social skills they need to be successful this year. To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment. To help your child develop a love of reading

5 What is Positive Behavior Support ? (PBS) Proactive: Preventing inappropriate behaviors from happening by making our expectations clear Educative: Teaching students what is expected of them while on our campus; Teaching students the rules for all settings (cafeteria, hallway, bus, etc.) Reinforcement Based: Acknowledging students for showing school expectations and rules

6 HOW IS PBS USED AT SBE? School-wide expectations and rules Classroom discipline systems focused on positive behaviors School-wide reward system School-wide consistency for referral procedures

7 Bobcat Expectations

8 Common Area Rules

9 Covey Habits School Wide Initiative Creates a common language between school and home Instills leadership qualities and helps build social skills Responsibility for actions and emotions (behavior) Prioritizing Working with others Goal Setting/Planning

10 Students Data Book School wide initiative. Students track their individual achievements and progress. Based on data, students set future goals. Students will lead parent/ teacher conference by discussing their data book.

11 Behavior Colored Cards Daily behavior marked in agenda. Daily green behavior gets a hole punch in card. Cards that have all holes punched get treasure box.

12 Class Subjects The subjects we study during third grade are: Reading, Writing, Language Arts and Grammar Math Science Social studies

13 Curriculum Developmental Studies- Reading GO Math/Performance Tasks- Math Pearson-Science/Social studies Write from the Beginning- Writing Fluency – 1 minute timed reading should be done Monday- Thursday and recorded on the graph in the packet. This is such an important step to help your child become a great reader! I will check fluency graphs every Friday and students will get a treat for completion.

14 Reading Compare/contrast Authors Purpose Plot Development Context Clues Figurative Language Cause & Effect Main Idea & details Narrative Elements Synonyms & Antonyms Theme Informational Text Prefixes and Suffixes Text Structure Analyze Words Locate Information

15 Math Number Sense Multiplication Division Geometry Statistics Algebraic Thinking Time/Money

16 Writing Narrative Writing Expository Writing Descriptive writing Persuasive Writing How-To Writing Write From the Beginning Curriculum Cursive Handwriting

17 Science The Universe Practice of Science Matter and its properties Forms of Energy Plants Classifying living things Living things and seasons Florida Wildlife Water Conservation

18 Social Studies Locating & Interpreting Geographic Information Freedom Week (Constitution) Exploration of Americas Economics Forming the Foundation of Government Basic Principles Held by American Citizens Contributions of Citizens who defended American Principles Holocaust

19 Classroom Community Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. Our class rules are: Have self control Be kind to others Follow directions Do your best!

20 Homework I will assign about 30-40 minutes of homework every night. This includes up to 15 minutes of reading and 1 minute Timed Reading Fluency passage. Homework is due back the next day. Reading, Vocab, Spelling, Fluency, Math & Reading Logs (10 books per month for Pizza Hut personal pan pizza coupon) Please look at homework policy & sign.

21 Lunch & Specials Specials 11:00-11:45 except Wednesday (10:30-11:05) We are on a 9 day specials rotation – check agendas on Monday for the week schedule Science Media PE Technology PE Media PE Reading in the Arts PE Lunch 12:43-1:13 Snack 10:45

22 B.O.B.C.A.T.S. BINDER This is a responsibility binder which will also help with organization skills. Must be brought daily. Explanation Front pocket –all papers Zipper pouch- money, important notes, pencil Agenda – Behavior will be marked on agenda and homework will be listed. Please initial every night.

23 Agendas Homework Reading – Fluency, vocabulary & reading log Math – workbook at least 4 times a week) Nightly practice of multiplication facts multiplication test on Wednesdays of the following week will start 2 nd 9 weeks. Behavior daily Daily Signature - homework

24 FCAT Dates: April 14-17 (this is the window, dates are not definite yet. Sunshine State Standards Reading Math

25 FCAT Reading Multiple choice 100-700 words with an average of 500 FCAT 2.0 Reporting Categories for Reading ( 100-700 words per passage with an average of 500) There will be 50-55 Multiple Choice Questions. Vocabulary-20% Reading Application-30% Literary Analysis, Fiction/Nonfiction-30% Informational Text/Research Process-20% Need a level 2 or a passing portfolio (starts in Jan.)

26 FCAT MATH Multiple choice – 1 minute each FCAT 2.0 Reporting Categories for Math There will be 50-55 Multiple Choice Questions. Number Operations, Probability and Statistics- 50% Geometry and Measurement-30% Number: Fractions-20%

27 Ways to Help Similar to AR at school / rewards are free User Names & Passwords coming soon www.s Class web page User names & passwords coming soon

28 Beginning of year paperwork Academic Criteria Homework Policy Any missing forms

29 Wish List Outdoor equipment (balls, jump ropes, Frisbees, hula hoops) Treasure chest goodies Band-aids Snacks 3oz. plastic or paper cups

30 F.Y.I. our 1 st field trip is November 8. See the GREEN form for more information. Lets Have a Great Year!

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