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Elementary. The District Heard Your Concerns In 2011-12 teachers requested that the following three documents be merged into one. Instructional Focus.

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1 Elementary

2 The District Heard Your Concerns In 2011-12 teachers requested that the following three documents be merged into one. Instructional Focus Calendars Pacing Guides Curriculum M aps Administrators gave input stating it was difficult for them to carry three different documents on classroom visits.

3 A WORK IN PROGRESS The curriculum mapping process started in 2006. The documents have yearly been refined and retooled. This year we included transitions for CCSS and PARCC. Teacher writing teams assisted with the process. We are in the process of blending the Common Core Standards into the blue prints. In 2012-13 K-1 are solely based on the Common Core Standards.

4 STILL A WORK IN PROCESS Curriculum Blue Prints have been released for all tested areas. Schools are strongly encouraged to use the Curriculum Blue Prints. We value your expert eye as you use these documents and look forward to your continued input on the Curriculum Blue Prints.


6 Title Box Unit Course Grade

7 Time Allowed This section fulfills the purpose of the old pacing guide.

8 Instructional Focus Benchmarks All annually assessed benchmarks will be listed in this section. They will be linked to a specific page on CPALMS which will list for each benchmark: General Information Test Item Specifications Sample Test Items Access Points Focus Calendar The Edusoft mini-assessments that are to be addressed during this period of study will be listed here. There is not one listed for this particular unit because this is the first unit of the year. Vocabulary for this unit

9 Learning Goals, Objectives, & CCSS Learning Goals & Objectives for this unit. This section will include the tie to the Common Core State Standards, when applicable.

10 Standards Additional standards taught within this unit will be listed in this section.

11 Essential Content & Understanding As in previous maps, this section will include tips on teaching key concepts, manipulatives/strategies suggested for instruction, as well as critical attributes in this unit of study.

12 Essential Questions This section further supports Common Board Configuration.

13 Resources & Links This section will include resource suggestions for remediation, enrichment, and writing opportunities within this unit of study, as well as ways to support higher order questioning and tasks.

14 Where can I get the Blueprints? Go to Lake County School website Click on Curriculum and Instruction, under Departments On the left, click on Curriculum Blueprints and Maps. Select content area (i.e. Reading, Math, Science, SS), then Elementary.


16 What is CPALMS? CPALMS is a collaboration platform that provides peer and content-area expert reviewed instructional/educationa l resources and tools to support standards-driven instruction.

17 CPALMS and the Common Core Tools and Resources to support the standards: Standards Info. & Resources System Course Descriptions & Directory Resource Center Professional Development - Self-paced Training

18 CPALMS Resource Review The Big Difference Why should teachers use CPALMS resources? Standards aligned Rigorous, Multi-tier review Educator contributions Professional growth o Collaboration o Contributions o Review

19 Benchmark Task Cards Grades 3-5

20 Teaching and Learning have created Task Cards for the following areas: Reading: Third –Fifth Grade Math: Third- Fifth Grade Science: Fifth Grade There is one task cards for every FCAT assessed benchmark. Task Cards are a one pager to easily access and utilize. Consider laminating and placing on a ring. They can be utilized by the teacher and the students to practice and deepen knowledge of benchmarks.

21 Benchmark name and description provided at the top.

22 Cognitive Complexity of each benchmark- Low, Moderate, High (Math and Science)

23 Academic vocabulary/ key terms students may need to understand and interact with.

24 Sample item(s) provided from state in the EOC/FCAT Specification Document. This is a sample of how this benchmark is assessed.

25 We have provided the FCAT/ EOC benchmark clarification and content limits. Valuable information provided by the state clarifying what students need to know, be able to do, and how they will be assessed. We have provided the page number and Item Specification Link for additional resources and information. Just Click!

26 Higher Order Question Stems are provided as a guide. You may tweak and change as needed.

27 Sample student scale and summative writing task provided. You may tweak and revise as needed.

28 We have suggested Thinking Maps that match the cognitive processes students have to engage in to achieve mastery of the benchmark.

29 Science Task Cards include 5 E Model

30 Science Task Cards- 5E Model explaining the facilitator tasks and student tasks

31 Utilizing Task Cards to Interact with New Knowledge & Practice and Deepen Knowledge Planning: Review the FCAT/ EOC clarifications and content limits to better understand what students should know and be able to do. FCAT/ EOC link provided on card. JUST CLICK! Align Resources: Review sample item(s) to assist with aligning proper guided and independent practice. Questioning: HOQ stems provided as a guide. Can be used in whole group or small group centers. Academic Voc: Identify key terms/voc students may need to interact with Thinking Maps: Identify which cognitive processes the student must undergo to master benchmark. You may utilize the Thinking Map that correlates. Review Content: Assign task card sample question(s) to review content/use as bell ringer. The answer may be provided on the card, however you can have student provide work and justify answer. Remediation: If student is struggling with benchmark, they may want to review and deepen understanding of academic voc. Some definitions can be found in the EOC/FCAT glossary in the FCAT/EOC Specification Document. Establish and Communicate Learning Goals: Have students review FCAT and EOC expectations. Have them answer the question: What should I know and be able to do within this unit of study? Questioning: Assign HOQ and have students reflect in interactive notebooks, classroom blogs, index cards. Reflect on Learning: Have students utilize student scale questions and summative writing task to reflect on learning and identify strengths and areas for intervention.

32 Where can I get the Task Cards? Go to Lake County School website Click on Teaching and Learning, under Departments On the left, click on Benchmark Task Cards and FCIM Support

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