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Web Browsers By Lorrie Brazier Revised by Paula Walton.

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1 Web Browsers By Lorrie Brazier Revised by Paula Walton

2 New Terminology Web browser—a program that enables you to view web pages –Ex: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera Hyperlink (or hypertext links)—links from one web page to another or from one location to another within the same page

3 More Terminology Cache—temporary storage on your machine that keeps data from pages viewed on the web; allows your browser to redisplay these sites more quickly than would be possible if it requested the pages again from the server –benefit: reduces loading time for pages containing large image files

4 Exploring the Browser Retrieve web pages –Click on the hyperlink or key in the URL Searching using the Search Option –Found on toolbar –Opens a search pane at the left side of the browser for keywords Viewing previous pages –BACK button –FORWARD button –HOME button

5 Back/Forward Buttons Back allows you to return to a previously viewed page Forward allows you to move forward through pages already viewed—Forward is only available AFTER using Back

6 Home Home returns you the site that you view upon opening the web browser By choosing this button anytime, you will return to your opening screen

7 Interrupting a Web Page If it takes too long to load a page or the wrong URL was keyed in, you can interrupt the transfer of a web page by clicking the STOP button on the toolbar or pressing ESC key

8 Refreshing the Page If the page does not display correctly, click the Refresh button, press F5, or choose VIEW/Refresh from the menu bar. The browser will request the page be retransmitted.

9 Changes to the Browser Default home page—starting point when you connect to the Internet; you can have it be anything you’d like for it to be Text size—choose VIEW on the menu, and select one of the five sizes—changes made apply only to that browser window

10 Hyperlinks Allows for linking on same page, other pages, or other web sites May be in text or graphic form If a text link, are identified on the web as underlined words (assuming good web design techniques were used)

11 Printing from the Web Click the Print button on the toolbar or FILE/Print from the menu bar. CAUTION: If a page is created using frames, you may not get the desired result in your printout... there may be multiple pages with parts of the page on each printout.

12 Favorites Def: a web address stored on your PC for easy retrieval later. Also called bookmarks in some browsers. Alternative option: provides a way to get to bookmarks from any PC that has Internet connectivity.

13 Browser Window Address Box Menu Bar Toolbar Hyperlinks Title Bar Status Bar URL

14 Browser Window ____________ _________ ___________ ________ __________ ____________

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