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The Economy and Me World Issues CBA Sarah Karamoko.

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1 The Economy and Me World Issues CBA Sarah Karamoko

2 Neurologist Communication skills Analytical Decisive Curious Logical Attributes & Abilities Doctor specialized in brains… Yes, I might have been a zombie in some other life.

3 Neurologist Neurologist is a physician who specializes in neurology. Neurology is the medical specialty related to the human nervous system. The nervous system encompasses the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.

4 Supply/Demand Of the 22 major occupational groups, employment in healthcare support occupations is expected to grow most rapidly (34.5 percent)

5 Education Costs Washington ResidentsNon-Residents Tuition (10-18 credits) $6,468$16,815 Mandatory Fees*$1,290 Housing & Meals* (Based on double room & 125 Meal Plan) $8,755 Books & Supplies*$1,020 Transportation*$1,200 Personal & Miscellaneous*$1,713 Total$20,446$30,793

6 Impact TUITIONPay professors Take care of facility Students can attend college Students get the education they need Higher education = better chances of job Better job Lowers unemployment Can provide for family

7 Washington Wages Occupation Physicians and Surgeons, All Other Level of ExperienceHourlyAnnual Entry Wage$66.10 $137,4 90 Median Wage $80.00 + $166,4 00 + Experienced Wage $80.00 + $166,4 00 + Wages

8 Impact SalarySocial servicesSocial security Taking care of old people Creating jobs Low unemployment People get jobs at retirement homes They pay taxes Good for the economy

9 Taxes Income: 137,490 Deductions: $5,800 Exemptions:3,700 Taxable Income: 127,990 Estimated tax on regular income: $29,454

10 Impact Taxes Taking care of the state Teachers salary Roads Homeland Security Medicare FDAPrisonsSchools

11 Dream Purchase


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