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Interactive science Notebooks Format and expectations.

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1 Interactive science Notebooks Format and expectations

2 What is an ISN?  An ISN is an Interactive Science Notebook.  It is a tool to help you be successful in class.  It contains notes, helpful abbreviations, and reference materials.  It also provides a place for you to meaningfully process learning.

3 How did koller do it?

4 ISN Setup  Table of contents  Date, topic, and page number  Chemistry abbreviations  Notes  write the topic at top of the right page  Take Cornell style notes on right  Write the date at the top of the left page  The Do Now and reflection on leaning go on the left side

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6 Taking Cornell Notes  Set up page according to the diagram provided  Take notes in the large box on the right. All notes must fit on one page.  Paraphrase and abbreviate long statements  Pick out key points; don’t write extraneous information  Group similar ideas together  Use color and diagrams to enhance notes  Write main ideas in left column after taking notes  Write a 3-4 sentence summary of the notes at the bottom Topic

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8 Reflecting on Learning  The left page of the notes is for you to process your leaning and show that you understand it.  This page is for reflection during the last 10 minutes of class. It should use creativity and color!  Sometimes Mrs. Koller will tell you what to do  If you are given a choice, use the poster to decide what will best help you to process your learning.

9 How did koller do it?

10 Your Turn  Practice your Cornell note skills!  Create main ideas or key words to write in left column  Write a 2-3 sentence summary at bottom  Reflect on learning

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