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CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS! 2010-11 School Year 1 st Year of Transformation.

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2 CELEBRATE OUR SUCCESS! 2010-11 School Year 1 st Year of Transformation

3 Congratulations! The base score was 590. Our Growth Target was 601 Academic Performance Index is 615! A 25 Pt. Gain !!

4 API Summary – 4 Year Trend

5 2011 Growth API by Grade

6 Our Schools 3-Year CST Summary What do you notice? Are these results what you expected based on what you did? YRFBBBBBPANATLFBBBBBPANATL 200919.026.131.517.13.42.8195335.741. 201021.324.330.415.95.03.2173932.144.514. 201116.823.637. ELA Proficiency Math Proficiency

7 Adequate Yearly Progress A statewide accountability system mandated by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 which requires each state to ensure that all schools and districts make Adequate Yearly Progress. AYP is based on the CAHSEE grade 10.

8 Safe Harbor The school, or subgroup met the criteria for Safe Harbor, which is an alternate method of meeting the AMO if a school or subgrouop shows progress in moving students from scoring at the below proficient level to the proficient level or above on STAR, CAHSEE and/or CAPA.

9 AYP – We Made Safe Harbor! SWHSEDEL SWHSEDEL SAFE HARBOR 36.3%36.0%36.2%24.6%39.3%38.7%38.5%29.5% GROWTH 7.8%8.2%7.6%6.0%6.2%6.6%5.1%3.5% TOTAL # 499484481386501486483386 English Language Arts Mathematics Percent Proficient Target: 66.7% Percent Proficient Target: 66.1% What should be our GOAL for 2011-12 School Year?

10 AYP- 4 Year ELA Comparison 24.6

11 AYP 4 Year Math Comparison

12 Graduation Rate

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