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The Story of Three Whales

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1 The Story of Three Whales
Unit 2 Kindness Story 6 By Mrs. Nailon

2 lurk To hide in or about a place
Electric eel snake Electric eels lurk under pitch-black overhangs of rock.

3 surface To rise to the top of any liquid
Whales surface to breathe air.

4 trudged Walked or marched with great effort
The man trudged slowly through the mud.

5 plight A bad condition or situation
Everyone read about the terrible plight of the whales.

6 invincible Impossible to defeat
The undefeated soccer team was invincible!!

7 ordeal Something that is difficult to do Challenge
The hard science test was an ordeal.

8 Pack-ice Ice frozen thick on top of water
Thick pack-ice spread out from the shore and its shadow fell over the whales.

9 plunging diving The herd of whales were plunging and rolling, leaping and belly-flopping off the north coast of Alaska.

10 Inuit Alaskan Indian An Inuit hunter passed and saw the trapped whales.

11 Ice-poles Poles used to make holes in the ice.
People used axes, chainsaws, and ice-poles to make breathing holes for the whales.

12 Sky-crane Concrete torpedo Ice breaker

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